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Cayetano "Tanio" Hingle, Bass Drum BORN: New Orleans, November 14., 1969 Began at Tambourine and Fan with the Bucket Men Brass Band, which became the Junior Olympia; now plays with the Olympia Brass Band and leads the New Birth Brass Band Interviewed at 3611 Burgundy Street, November zooz My name is Cayetano Miller Hingle—they call me Tanio. Mji name is Spanish. I was in Spain with Milton Batiste and the Olympia Band and there was a street called "Cayetano." I started out with the Tambourine and Fan band on Hunter's Field. Thej had a lot of organized athletics. I had attended the elementary school that Tambourine and Fan was associated with; they had their own social andpleasure club. That's when Danny Barker came over to the club I on Hunter's Field and started a band called the •J Roots ofJazz. That wasin 1983. I picked up drums from listening to Leroy Breaux and Lionel Batiste. Mr. Milford Dolliole gave me my first drum. He lived exactly across the street from the school I was going to. We would see Duke Dejan picking Mr. Dolliole up to work with the Olympia Brass Band. I was still playing ball out there with theyouth, but when we went to get dressed, we could hear the band practicing. Danny was teaching all those young cats how to play. At Tambourine and Fan, westarted a little band—we werejustgoing aroundplaying with boxesand stuff. The guy who was over Tambourine and Fan,Jerome Smith, he went to Milton Batiste and asked if he would come and help the kids. I knew about the old tradition, by me being at a lot of oldjazz funerals. My daddy waspart of a social and pleasure club,the Sixth Ward High Steppers. That was one of the originalclubsthat first came out. And there was the Sixth Ward High Rollers, and the Sixth Ward Diamonds, and the OldMoney Wasters, the Old Caldonia. I wasjust out there watchingtheparades, and the bands comingdown the street. The feeling I used to catch when we were there wasjust like, wow!It wasajoyful feeling at all times. I startedplaying bass drum in the band they had at my elementary school, at the age of eight. Straight march music, but the first song we learned was "The Saints." We '35 played it off the music, but by the time sixth grade came,a couple of guys in the neighborhood was in a band, and they wasfrom Tambourine and Fan. Weheard the music on the Hunter's Field at the same time, so we took it on our own to start a littlejazz band. At first, the name of the band was the Bucket Men Brass Band. There was me, Stafford Agee,Abraham Cosse, Kenneth Terry, Kerry Hunter. Jerome Smith's son, Taju, he was a bass drummer also; weplayed together. A couple of years later—we werestill with Milton [Batiste]—Mr. Dejan came out. He said, "Hey, Bat!You keep holding them boys in the shade—when are they going on a gig?" So Bat said, "Wouldyou want them on agig?" Duke said, "They know 'Lord, Lord, Lord1 .' They're ready." Soafter that the Olympia had agig onenight; Milton told us toput on our redjackets, blackpants, white shirts. Wewent to thegig, and next day, Harold said, "That's theJunior Olympia." Milton said, "You know what? That's agood name." They named it right then and there. When we were coming up, we had to be at Milton's house every Tuesday at five o'clock topractice—we learned "Lord, Lord, Lord," "Just a Little While," and so forth. For the traditional songs, we wereworking out of the Fake Book. That was at the beginning , but after about two weeks, the book had togo. Erskine Campbellplayed the clarinet and saxophone. A couple of weeks later,Revert Andrews and Glen Andrews came in; they're first cousins, their mothers are sisters. I tried to keep the traditional beat on bassdrum; I like thatgroove. In the last eightyears, I changeda little bit. Now Iplay with and lead the New Birth Brass Band. Some of the music weplay is contemporary, but weplay more traditional music than any of the otheryounger brass bands—we learned from tradition, playing under Milton Batiste. The New Birth wasformed in i?8/, from part of the All Stars and part of theJunior Olympia. Our tubaplayer, KerwinJames, was with the All Stars, but he was also the backup tubaplayer with theJunior Olympia. His...


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