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The Rebirth Brass Band Maple Leaf Bar, Oak Street, Tuesday night home of the Rebirth Brass Band Photo by Barry Martyn In the early summer of 1983, a group of high schoolmusicians left their first-ever gig, which was at the Sheraton Hotel on Canal Street.They didn't feel like going home, it was still early in the evening, and they decided to try their luck playing for tips in the French Quarter. That spontaneous decision led to the formation of the RebirthBrassBand, and for those founding members, music was to be the only job they ever had. They were taking localjobsand playing in the Quarter every day when they came to the notice of Allison Miner, whose close involvement with the new bands of the time acceleratedinterest in their music. She had bonded with the music community while working at Tulane's Hogan Jazz Archive with Quint Davis, and she had noticed how fickle public tastes threw good musicians out of work. In a sense, she almost becamethe conscienceof theJazz Festival, prompting the organizers to put older musicians like Tuts Washington and Professor Longhair back in the publiceye. After a few years living in Cleveland and New York, she returned to New Orleans in the late eighties and began working with the Rebirth—she had been turned on to the street music scene by photographer Jules Cahn. She persuaded Quint Davisto bookthe band in Europe and set up a deal with RounderRecords. All of this was more than fifteen years ago, but the Rebirth has lost none of its energy and drive. They've been resident at the Maple Leaf Bar on Oak Street for at least twelve years. Their specialityis doing a forty-minute set without any pauses between the songs—just a few bars of bass horn and drum to set the groove, and straight into the next number. After twenty years, they're stillworking hard. 107 ...


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