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Contents Acknowledgments xi Introduction i BAND CALL: Fairview Baptist Church Brass Band, Hurricane BrassBand, Chosen Few Brass Band Danny Barker and the Fairview Baptist Church Brass Band 15 "What Is the Parade For?" 18 LeroyJones, Trumpet 21 Anthony "Tuba Fats" Lacen, Bass Horn 30 Gregg Stafford, Trumpet 40 Joe Torregano, Saxophones and Clarinet 48 Harry Sterling, Guitar 54 TadJones,Jazz Writer and Historian 61 BAND CALL: Dirty Dozen BrassBand A Note on the Tremé and Its Music 65 Gregory "Blodie" Davis, Trumpet 69 Roger Lewis, Saxophones 77 BennyJones, Drums 83 "Uncle" Lionel Paul Batiste Sr., Bass Drum 87 A Note on the Baby Dolls 93 Jerry Brock, Historian, Broadcaster, and Filmmaker 95 BAND CALL: Rebirth BrassBand The Rebirth Brass Band 107 Philip Frazier III, Bass Horn 108 Keith Frazier, Bass Drum 112 Keith "Wolf" Anderson, Trombone and Bass Horn 117 Kermit at Vaughan's, October 31, 2002 120 A Note on the Tambourine and Fan Club 123 Jerome Smith, Community Leader 125 BAND CALL: New Birth, Majestic, Algiers,All Star, Regal, Tremé, Doc Paulin, Pinstripe, New Wave, Mahogany Cayetano "Tanio" Hingle, Bass Drum 135 Kenneth "Little Milton" Terry, Trumpet 139 Edgar "Sarge" Smith, Bass Horn 143 Donna Poniatowski-Sims, Venue Proprietor 147 Ruddley Thibodeaux, Trumpet 149 James "Little Twelve," Andrews, Trumpet 160 Lajoie "Butch" Gomez, Saxophones 164, "DJ" Davis Rogan, Radio Announcer 168 A Note on Ernest "Doc" Paulin, Trumpet 170 Oscar Washington,Snare Drum 173 Brice Miller, Trumpet 177 Norman Dixon, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Coordinator 181 Epilogue: Second Line on Sunday 183 Select Discografhy: RecommendedListening 187 Notes 189 Index 191 Vlll CONTENTS Illustrations Rebirth Brass Band i Majestic Brass Band ii Zulu Social Aidand Pleasure Club with Tremé Brass Band, 1990 9 Jolly Bunch parade, 1973, second line and band 10 Danny Barker 15 Fairview Baptist Church 17 Leroy Jones 21 Hurricane Brass Band at George "Kid Sheik" Colar's birthday party 25 Anthony Lacen 30 Dew Drop Cafe, 2840 La Salle Street 34, Chosen Few Brass Band 26 Gregg Stafford 40 Johnny Wimberley 42 Hurricane Brass Band, 1980 45 Joe Torregano with the Hurricane Brass Band, 1980 48 Harry Sterling 54, Roger Lewis, Jackson Square, 1986 77 Dirty Dozen Brass Band 81 Elliott Callier, BennyJones 83 Tremé Brass Band 85 Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews, Lionel Batiste Sr. 87 Tremé Brass Band at Freddie Kohlman's funeral, 1990 92 Dirty Dozen Brass Band,Jackson Square, 1986 100 Maple Leaf Bar, Oak Street 107 Philip Frazier 108 Keith Frazier 112 Rebirth Brass Band, 1987 115 Keith Anderson, Copenhagen 117 Vaughan's Bar and Grill 120 Kermit Ruffins, Jackson Square, 1992 122 Milton Batiste, 1993 123 Treme Community Center, St. Philip and Villere 125 Cayetano Hingle 12,5 Edgar Smith 143 Donna's Bar and Grill 14.7 Ruddley Thibodeaux 149 Ruddley Thibodeaux and Danny Barker 152 Algiers Brass Band 156 James Andrews and Mick Burns, November 2002 160 All Star Brass Band 162 James Andrews 163 Regal Brass Band 166 Doc Paulin, 2001 170 Curtis Mitchell, Michael White 171 Oscar Washington 173 Aaron, Ricky, and Roddy Paulin 174 Brice Miller and Morten Nilsen, Copenhagen 177 Norman Dixon 181 ILLUSTRATIONS X ...


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