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Contents Introduction: “Opening and Interpreting Lives” 1 E. Patrick Johnson I Performance Performing Cultures: Ethnography, Epistemology, and Ethics 15 Of Caravans and Carnivals: Performance Studies in Motion 26 Performance Studies: Interventions and Radical Research 32 Beyond the Text: Toward a Performative Cultural Politics 47 II Ethnography Performing as a Moral Act: Ethical Dimensions of the Ethnography of Performance 65 Rethinking Ethnography: Towards a Critical Cultural Politics 81 Rethinking Elocution: The Trope of the Talking Book and Other Figures of Speech 104 III Praxis Health Theatre in a Hmong Refugee Camp: Performance, Communication, and Culture 127 Life in Big Red: Struggles and Accommodations in a Chicago Polyethnic Tenement 170 Homeboys and Hoods: Gang Communication and Cultural Space 224 Lethal Theatre: Performance, Punishment, and the Death Penalty 264 viii contents IV Critical Responses Micaela di Leonardo Dwight Conquergood and Performative Political Economy 303 Judith Hamera Response-­ ability, Vulnerability, and Other(s’) Bodies 306 Shannon Jackson Caravans Continued: In Memory of Dwight Conquergood 310 D. Soyini Madison “Is Dwight, White?!” or Black Transgressions and the Preeminent Performance of Whiteness 314 Lisa Merrill “Soundscapes of Power”: Attending to Orality, Communicating Class, and Hearing the Humor in Dwight Conquergood’s “Voice” 320 Della Pollock Performance into Policy 324 Joseph Roach Eloquence and Vocation: Dwight’s Calling 328 Contributors333 Index335 ...


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