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18 Resume example: Sample Resume Johnathan B. Goode 120 Easy Street New Orleans, LA XXXXX Phone johnnybgoode@geemail.com1 OBJECTIVE: To be the leader of a big old band.2 QUALIFICATIONS: • Can play a guitar just like ringing a bell • Have been a band leader for two years • Have played since I was two3 EXPERIENCE: •2009–2010: Band leader, “Johnny’s Brawlers,” Memphis, TN •2008–2009: Guitar Tutor, Gunnysack Music, Memphis, TN •2006–2007: Lead guitarist, May Bulleen High School Jazz Band4 Resume    123 EDUCATION: 2003–2007 May Bulleen High School COMMUNITY SERVICE: Played at the Tinytown Skate Park Benefit About the numbered items in the example: 1. Someone using a layout program can do startling and creative thing with your basic information. But centering works fine. 2. Be succinct. You’ll probably have to adjust this for different applications. 3. What are the three or four best reasons someone should choose you for the specific job? 4. If your education is particularly impressive or you’re applying for an academic job, you might put education before experience. example: A “Real” Resume Alyson Frederick P.O. Box 1234 Wellsville, UT 80000 435-555-0000-Home 435-555-0000-Cell EDUCATION B.S. Family, Consumer, and Human Development, December 2009, cum laude Family and Community Services Emphasis Utah State University, Logan, UT •Dean’s List, Fall 2008 and Spring 2009 •Gerontology Certificate Academic Awards •Joan F. Budge Scholarship: 2008–2009 •Simmons Single Parent Scholarship: 2008–2009 and 2009–2010 •Women’s Center Scholarships: 2005–2006, 2006–2007, and 2007–2008 RELEVANT WORK EXPERIENCE Bear River Area Agency On Aging Case Manager for Caregiver Clients: April 2009–Present •Assessed the needs of clients, prepared plans, and contacted service providers •Maintained client files and tracked case progress •Developed and enhanced my ability to communicate with the elderly population 124    Genres •Effectively ran activity groups for individuals with memory loss •Worked closely with co-workers to problem solve •Effectively worked with co-worker to teach a class entitled “Maintain Your Brain” Williamsburg Retirement Community Recreational Therapist Assistant: April 2009–August 2009 •Effectively planned and implemented activities for residents •Contacted community organizations for information regarding activities and their cost •Worked closely with supervisor in order to plan the most beneficial activities for the elderly •Communicated and worked effectively with the elderly population •Assisted residents with activities of daily living IRS Data Entry: Tax season 1998 •Transcribed selected fields from individual tax returns into the data base •Trained in confidentiality policies and procedures SPECIAL SKILLS •Prepared and presented a group policy on child visitation rights •Administered the DENVER PRE-SCREENING and THE HOME visit •Planned and implemented age appropriate activities for two-year-olds •Prepared and presented a self-esteem workshop to various audiences VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE •President of the Student Gerontology Association •Organized, planned, and conducted Gerontology Association meetings •Contacted agencies about students helping in the community •Organized students to help serve at Caregiver Recognition night •Activity coordinator and planner for senior citizens •Assisted USU’s Women’s Center with the Clothes Line Project to bring awareness about domestic violence to the community REFERENCES Questions about the example: 1. In what situations do you think Frederick should put work experience before education? Resume    125 2. Why include volunteer experience? 3. What single detail would most make you want to hire her? Questions about the Resume 1. What are its purposes? A resume and the longer, more academic curriculum vitae (CV) are intended to summarize in a short space the parts of your life relevant to a prospective employer or other interested person. As index.php puts it, “The resume is a selling tool outlining your skills and experience so an employer can see, at a glance, how you can contribute to the employer’s workplace.” 2. Who are its audiences? People who are serious about a job application will often custom-create a different resume for each new job application. Therefore, the audience for any one resume may be just one person or human resources department. But most people like to have a standard resume ready to modify for specific jobs and for less important purposes. 3. What’s the typical content? You need to find and focus on anything about you that makes you look wellsuited for the job. The employer wants to know what you can contribute to the employer’s organization. Most often, you can convey that information with the headings used in our model...


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