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Acknowledgments The thinking of Donald M. Murray underlies my whole approach. I’d be flattered if people saw this book as an extension of or a distillation of Don’s work. Don loved to share, so I know he’d be happy to have me pass on to others ideas he sowed in my mind. Melody Graulich is always my best critic and strongest support. Denice Turner convinced me to foreground the genres and is thus midwife to the book. Shanan Ballam’s close, honest, and insightful readings led to improvements in the text throughout. My writing group—Diane Bush, Christine Cooper-Rompato, Pat Gantt, Keith Grant-Davie, Dave Hailey, Keri Holt, Michael Spooner, and Rebecca Walton—pushed me to rethink drafts of early sections. My son, Corey Dethier, solved my thorny Microsoft puzzles and provided sage advice from a student perspective. Natalie Young’s sketches and design ideas helped make the manuscript into a book. My thanks go to all who have allowed me to use their work as examples in this book, and especially to Greg Brown, for the use of his lyrics. I’m grateful to the following for talking to me about writing in their disciplines: David Dethier, Megan Dethier, Melody Graulich, Chalmers Hardenbergh, Jack Lannamann, Sheila McNamee, Lynne McNeill, Natalie Young. As anyone in academic publishing knows, Michael Spooner of USU Press is remarkably good at what he does. I consider it a privilege to work with him. Twenty-One Genres and How to Write Them ...


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