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THEROARANDTHESILENCE RONALD M. JAMES A H I S T O R Y O F V I R G I N I A C I T Y A N D T H E C O M S T O C K L O D E THE ROAR AND THE SILENCE JAMES NEVADA 9 0 0 0 0 9 780874 173208 ISBN 978-0-87417-320-8 Nevada’s Comstock Mining District has been the focus of legend since it first burst into international prominence in the late 1850s, and its principal settlement, Virginia City, endures in the popular mind as the West’s quintessential mining camp. The Roar and the Silence chronicles the area’s history from its earliest days through the early twentieth century, when the lode finally gave out, and up to the present, when Virginia City and its environs have found new life as a tourist attraction and a community of artists. James’s lively, thoughtful text brings the Comstock to life again in all its complexity and boom-and-bust excitement. praise for The Roar and the Silence “The definitive volume on the history of the district which briefly made Nevada the mining capital of the world.” —Mining History Journal “The Roar and the Silence is a superior work, and it is in many ways a model for the comprehensive examination of a mining community.” —Annals of Wyoming: The Wyoming History Journal ronald m. james is Nevada’s state historic preservation officer. He is the co-author of Nevada’s Historic Buildings: A Cultural Legacy and coeditor of Uncovering Nevada’s Past: A Primary Source History of the Silver State (both from University of Nevada Press), among others. UniversityofNevadaPress Cover illustration: Sectional views of the Belcher Mine (Nevada Historical Society). w e s t e r n h i s t o r y TUE ROAR AND TUE SILENCE Wilbur S. Shepperson Series in History and Humanities ...


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