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Richard Wong’s scholarship, perspective, and concern for Hong Kong are all manifested in this collection of essays. He examines Hong Kong’s changing economic role after the opening up of China. In this new role, “dual integration ” is the key. On one hand, Hong Kong must preserve its celebrated and cherished seamless integration with the world economy. On the other hand, Hong Kong has to enhance its reintegration with the rising Chinese economy. Wong’s central thesis is that dual integration is the root cause of what Premier Wen Jiabao described as Hong Kong’s “deep contradictions.” He believes that supporting China’s continued integration into the world economy in the coming decades will help bring greater prosperity to Hong Kong. But not everyone benefits from the growing prosperity; some may even be losers. The essays in this volume analyze how dual integration impacts different sectors of the economy and different groups of individuals in society differently. He shows how Hong Kong’s outward-looking private economic sector has embraced the new role enthusiastically and is responding well, but the subsidized social sector has opposed reintegration for straining its resources. This is yet another example of Hong Kong’s deep contradictions, as both sectors press the government for new measures of support, but for very different reasons. This refreshing thesis argues that a rising China has profound effects on Hong Kong, bringing both opportunities and challenges. Indeed, a rising China impacts on the entire world, not just Hong Kong. How Hong Kong reacts is a lesson to all. These carefully considered essays, based on an understanding of history and knowledge of the contemporary situation, provide important insight on Hong Kong’s role during China’s gradual integration into the world Foreword Tung Chee Hwa market economy. It is valuable reading for anyone interested in knowing where Hong Kong is and where it is heading. Tung Chee Hwa First Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Vice-Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference xiv Foreword by Tung Chee Hwa ...


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