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Abbreviations Alt. Altar BPD Burial-like Problematical Deposit (problematical burial) Brch Brecha (transect) Bu. Burial C Causeway Ca. Cache Ch. Chultun cm centimeter Col. Alt. Column Altar CPD Cache-like Problematical Deposit (problematical cached offering) d duplicated catalogue number DPD Problematical Deposit of Domestic Artifacts Fig. Figure G Structure Group gm gram Gp. Structure Group GX General Excavations km kilometer L Locus m meter mm millimeter MS. Miscellaneous Stone MT. Miscellaneous Text No. number Op. Operation PD. Problematical Deposit Pl. Platform, Plaza Qu Quarry R Reservoir RS Recent site of the late 19th or early 20th century SD or SpDp Special Deposit Sk. Skeleton St. Stela Str. Structure Subop. Suboperation u Unexamined by the author UPD Unspecified Problematical Deposit x Wrong Number ? Uncertain # Identification by an expert in that field ...


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