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Acknowledgments Literally dozens of people enabled me to write this Report. I regret that the work has taken so long that many of them are no longer present to see its publication. Facilitating my research in Guatemala were Vivian Broman de Morales, Rudy Lárrios, José María Márquez, Antonio and Aura Luz Ortiz, Carlos Samayoa Chinchilla, Edwin M. Shook, and Antonio Tejeda. Elizabeth Christensen, William R. Coe, Virginia Greene, Barbara Hayden, Christopher Jones, Walda Metcalf, Jennifer Quick, and Karen Vellucci gave me essential help at the University of Pennsylvania Museum. James R. Mathieu formatted and edited this report and the accompanying CD-ROM with great skill and patience. The artifact photographs, most of the drawings, and all of the paste-ups of the final figures were meticulously done by William Coe. Virginia Greene and I did additional drawings. Excavators of other sites who generously shared information were A. Hamilton Anderson, E. Wyllys Andrews IV, Luis Aveleyra Arroyo de Anda, Arlen and Diane Chase, John E. Clark, George Cowgill, Arthur Demarest, Gordon Ekholm, William Folan, René Millon, César Saenz, and Gordon R. Willey. Tikal colleagues who clarified details about their own excavations are Marshall J. Becker, William R. Coe, Ernestene Green, Peter D. Harrison, William A. Haviland, Pepa Iglesias Ponce de León, Christopher Jones, Juan Pedro Laporte, and Dennis E. Puleston. A number of specialists gave me invaluable help with the various categories of material included in this Report. Flaked chert and obsidian: Frank Asaro, Alice N. Benfer, Lilita Bergs, François Bordes, John E. Clark, Don Crabtree, Gordon F. Ekholm, Jeremiah F. Epstein, Carlos García Gutierrez, Karl G. Heider, Robert Heizer, Fred W. Nelson, William Parry, Olga Stavrakis Puleston, Payson Sheets, J. B. Sollberger, Fred Stross, and Gordon R. Willey. Ground and unworked stone: John Brinemann, Elizabeth K. Easby, Eduard G. Haldemann, Alan R. Hildebrand, Frederick Layman, Tatiana A. Proskouriakoff, Larry Vinson, and Howel Williams. Unworked shell, which is presented in TR. 27A: R. Tucker Abbott, E. Wyllys Andrews IV and Joanne Andrews, William J. Clench, Lawrence Feldman, Horace G. Richards, Alan G. Solem, and Ruth Turner. Unworked vertebrate remains: Diane Z. Chase, Kent V. Flannery, Steven M. Goodman, William A. Haviland, Barbara Lawrence, Robert Rush Miller, Karen Mudar, Mary D. Pohl, Anne Meacham Rick, Raymond A. Paynter, Sylvia Scudder, L. C. Stuart, P. A. Urban, and Elizabeth S. Wing. Textiles: Junius B. Bird, Dorothy Cavalier Yanik. Plant remains: C. L. Lundell, Dennis E. Puleston, C. Earle Smith, Norberto Tesucum. Ceramics: Clemency C. Coggins, T. Patrick Culbert, Anna O. Shepard, and Robert E. Smith. I wish to thank Arlen Chase, William Haviland, Christopher Jones, and a reviewer who wishes to remain anonymous for the time and patience they took to provide suggestions to make this Report more useful. I received much appreciated encouragement and guidance from Joyce Marcus when she was my advisor and the chairperson of my dissertation committee at the University of Michigan. I also benefited in many ways from coursework and discussions with Henry Wright and Jeffrey Parsons. Babysitting by Hans-Ruedi Hug, Maya Reinhart-Hug, Sibyl Moholy-Nagy, and Claudia Moholy-Nagy enabled me to make two unencumbered trips to Tikal to examine excavated materials after the Tikal Project had finished its work. My special thanks go to Roger G. Schneggenburger for his sympathetic patience and unfailing support. xi ...


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