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This book owes a great deal to the support and commitment of many women. I am grateful to Nadia Yassin, Mona Khalifi, Leila Rhiwi, Khadija Mufid, Bouchra Abdou, Ghizlane el Bahraoui, Naima Benyaich, Oufae Benabdelkader , Najia Zirari, Najat Razi, Rabea Naciri, Rachida Tahiri, Halima Banaoui, Soumaya Benkhaldoun, Saadia Wadah, Khadija Rougani, Fatema Bouslama, Khadija Zaki, Fatouma Benabdenbi, Sabah Shraibi, Samira ElAdnani , Fatema Mghanaoui, Souad Al-Amari, and many others, who tolerated my intrusive questioning, hosted me in their homes, and introduced me to others. I am most grateful to my mentors and friends Manisha Desai and Michael Goldman for providing intellectual leadership and professional support during the research and writing of this book. My most sincere gratitude goes to Fatema Mernissi, Rachel Schurman, Paul Zeleza, Assata Zerai, Jan Nederveen Pieterse, Winnifred Rebecca Poster, and Rebecca Saunders for providing various kinds of support to this research. I am thankful to Suad Joseph for reading the earlier drafts of this book, and to Sean Brotherton and Xuefei Ren for their significant feedback as I was crafting the first chapters. Ronald Aminzade and Shana Cohen’s productive and positive critiques put the manuscript on the path for publication. My colleagues and friends Arlene Stein and Judith Gerson were a major source of support as I was going through the final stages of this book. My graduate students at Michigan State University and at Rutgers University inspired this book in too many ways, as did my research assistants Lori Barat and Megan Kennedy. I thank the editorial team of the University of Minnesota Press, notably Jason Weidemann, for supervising its publication. Acknowledgments ix The research for this book was supported by numerous fellowships and awards from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, notably the 2004–2005 Rita and Arnold Goodman Fellowship, the 2000 Kathleen Cloud International Research Fund, a 2004 Dissertation Completion Fellowship, and a 2002 Dissertation Travel Grant. Complementary research was provided by a 2007 Intramural Research Grant Proposal from Michigan State University . I am grateful to the Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program at UIUC for fully supporting the research and the writing of this book. Many papers emerged from this project and were presented at conferences thanks to the support of the Social Science Research Center, the Women’s Studies and African Studies programs at the UIUC, and the African Studies program at Michigan State University. The intellectual journey of writing this book has been profoundly marked by the struggle for gender equality in Morocco. To all the women and men who committed themselves to this goal, I dedicate this book. My personal involvement in this movement increased my awareness of how much of my own upbringing put me on this path. I had seen my mother, Fatema, open books she could not read and scan all the pages as she simulated reading. My father, Abderrahman, a self-educated craftsman and nationalist resistant, believed that education is the most important asset for a woman. For both, I keep the deepest gratitude, love, and respect. Finally, my sisters, Hasna, Hassania , Saida, Leila, and Fatema Zohra, deserve the deepest expression of gratitude for always being there. x acknowledgments ...


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