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xi Acknowledgments It would be more than arrogant to give the impression that this book is the result of the work of the author alone. There are many persons I must thank for their help. First among them are Sunderlal and Vimla Bahuguna for their many hours of attention to my persistent questions and for accommodating me to their often very hectic schedule of appointments and obligations. In addition, I thank Pandurang Hegde whose present work with the Appiko movement of South India is perhaps the most explicit and effective extension of the chipko vision. I thank him for his constant encouragement and his help in making contact with Sunderlal and Vimla Bahuguna when the usual channels of communication had failed. For extensive information and documentation concerning the Tehri Dam I thank Shekhar Singh. For additional information and documentation on the life of Sunderlal and Vimla Bahuguna I thank Bharat Dogra, and Jayanta Bandyopadhyay. For his assistance in helping me understand the importance of the life and activism of Sarala Behn I thank Anupam Mishra. For his help in tracing the route of Bahuguna’s famous foot march from Srinagar to Kohima I express my thanks to Anil Joshi, founder of the Himalayan Environmental Studies and Conservation Organization (HESCO). I also acknowledge with thanks the help of Shannon Mooney for rendering into a map the route of Bahuguna and his colleagues from Srinagar to Kohima. I wish to thank Bidisha Kumar for creating an accurate, detailed, and readable map of Uttarakhand indicating the principal sites of chipko activism. For their excellent scholarship on the Chipko Movement of which I made extensive use, I thank Thomas Weber and Ramachandra Guha. I also express my thanks to the University of North Texas for a succession of Faculty Research Grants, a Faculty Development Leave and a grant from the Charn Uswachoke International Development Fund, and to the Fulbright Foundation for a fellowship that made possible the research on which this book is based. I wish also to xii Acknowledgments thank Bidisha Kumar for reading through the entire manuscript at an early stage in its development and for her many and helpful corrections and suggestions. For their thorough reading of the entire manuscript and for many helpful suggestions I express my heartfelt thanks to Mary Evelyn Tucker, Chris Chapple, and Thomas Weber. For a thorough proofreading of the manuscript I thank Richard Watson, and for his help in the final preparation of the manuscript I thank Matt Story. There are many others too numerous to mention without whose assistance this work could not have been completed. Among them I must include Nancy Ellegate and the editorial staff at the State University of New York Press. For any inaccuracies or omission of important details I take full responsibility. ...


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