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vii Contents List of Illustrations ix Foreword xi James R. Ralph Jr. Preface xix Acknowledgments xxv Prologue: Starting an Academic Career 1 1. The First Unitarian Church of Chicago: My Gateway to the Civil Rights Movement and to Alex Poinsett 7 2. Campaigns on the Employment Front 16 3. Tim Black and the Motorola Campaign 27 4. Campaigns on the Education Front 47 5. The Movement Marks Time while the University Plays Catch-Up 66 6. Spring and Summer 1965: Marches, More Marches, and Al Pitcher 81 7. A Peaceful March in Kenwood and a Not-So-Peaceful March led by Dick Gregory 108 8. Looking Back on the Tumultuous Events of 1965 133 9. The Campaign for Open Housing, Summer 1966 142 10. Jesse Jackson, Operation Breadbasket, and Minority Enterprise 153 viii Contents 11. The Movement and the Decade Wind Down 174 12. Initiatives Continue within the University and the Unitarian Church 185 13. Race Relations and the Personal Equation 200 Appendixes A: Acronyms 221 B: Chicago Geography (including maps locating major events) 223 C: Civil Rights Timeline—Major Events for Chicago and the Nation 228 Notes 233 Bibliography 243 Index 247 ...


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