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APPENDIX E The Settlements of Nandi Divisions Locations Nandi Divisions 1. ALDAI Kapianga, Kapsile, Kakiboch, Kaptumois, Teping’ot, Parsieny, Kaptalam, Kapchepkendi 2. CHESUMEI Teping’ot, Parsieny, Cheptol, Kimng’oror, Murk ab tuk, Kakimno 3. EMKWEN Kaptumoiis, Kapsiondoi, Teping’ot Koileke, Kakimno, Kakiboch, Kapchepkendi, Kaptalam, Tuken 4. MOSOP Koileke, Kapchepkendi, Kaptalam, Kakiboch 5. SOIIN Kamelilo, Kapchepkendi, Tuken 6. WARENG Teping’ot, Parsieny, Kapchepkendi, Kamelilo. Dying Voice ...


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