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Translator’s Preface vii Author’s Preface and Acknowledgments xi Part 1. Mythology Chapter 1  Hermes’ Ears: Places and Symbols of Communication in Ancient Culture 3 Chapter 2 Brutus the Fool 40 Part 2. Social Practices Chapter 3 Mos, Mores and Mos Maiorum: The Invention of Morality in Roman Culture 87 Chapter 4 Face to Face in Ancient Rome: The Vocabulary of Physical Appearance in Latin 131 Part 3. Doubles and Images Chapter 5 Sosia and His Substitute: Thinking the Double at Rome 171 Chapter 6 Ghosts of Exile: Doubles and Nostalgia in Vergil’s Parva Troia 200 Chapter 7 Death and Its Double: Imagines, Ridiculum and Honos in the Roman Aristocratic Funeral 225 Chapter 8 Argumentum 238 Bibliography 255 Index 275 Contents ...