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I t is a profound pleasure to work closely with medieval manuscripts, and thus it is a pleasure to acknowledge the institutions that have made that work possible. I wish to thank the staff at All Souls College, Oxford; Balliol College, Oxford; Bodleian Library, Oxford; The British Library; Cambridge University Library; College of Arms; Durham Cathedral Library; Durham University Library; Glasgow University Library; Gloucester Cathedral Library; The Huntington Library; Inner Temple Library; Lambeth Palace Library; Lincoln Cathedral Library; National Library of Scotland; The Morgan Library; The National Library of Wales; New College, Oxford; Pepys Library, Magdalene College, Cambridge; Princeton University Library; Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge; and Trinity College, Cambridge. I am most grateful for the assistance provided by the helpful and knowledgeable staff of these libraries and institutions. I would also like to thank The British Library, the College of Arms, the Department of Special Collections of Glasgow University Library, the National Library of Scotland, and the Pepys Library for permission to reproduce items from their collections. The generous support of The Friends of English at UCLA is gratefully acknowledged. Funding from the Academic Senate at UCLA has made possible my travels to libraries throughout England, Scotland, and Wales. Then unbeknownst to them and to me, the roots of this project were first shaped by my teachers at the University of California, Berkeley. At the University of Oxford, it was further developed in a thesis supervised by Anne Hudson, whose example as a scholar and a teacher continues to be an inspiration . I would also like to thank my examiners, James Carley and Helen Cooper, for seeing then the seeds of what would become this book. I would particularly like to thank Helen Barr, Ralph Hanna, and Tony Hunt for the generosity with which they shared their knowledge and expertise. ix A c k n owle d gme n ts x • Acknowledgments My medievalist colleagues at UCLA have provided a remarkable and welcoming community. I am grateful to Chris Chism, Eric Jager, Andy Kelly, Gordon Kipling, Donka Minkova,and Józsi Nagy for their support. The UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies is a vibrant organization , and I would like to thank its many members, particularly Brian Copenhaver , Patrick Geary, Richard Rouse, Mary Rouse, and Elizabeth Upton. In particular, I am indebted to Zrinka Stahuljak for her collegiality and her friendship. The undergraduate and graduate students at UCLA are remarkable. As myself the product of public education in California, it continues to be a privilege to offer back some small portion of my debt to the University of California by teaching here, and my students have made me a better thinker and a better person. I would like to thank in particular Tamar Boyadjian, Sara Torres, and the indefatigable Emily Runde. Of the many scholars it has been a privilege to meet and converse with, I would like to thank Elizabeth Bryan, Patricia Dailey, George Edmondson, Christina Fitzgerald, Matthew Giancarlo, Scott Kleinman, Erik Kooper, Meg Laing, Meg Lamont, William Robbins, and Orietta Da Rold. For always listening to me talk about my work and never permitting their own to be drowned out, my deepest thanks to Antonio Fortin, Alec Jordan, Marisa Libbon , and Sean Walsh. Christopher Baswell has shaped my understanding of what it means to be a teacher and a scholar of medieval literature and medieval manuscripts in ways I cannot express. My thanks seem a poor offering in exchange. I am grateful to the readers for The Ohio State University Press, to the series editor Ethan Knapp, and to all those involved for their attentive reading and deeply insightful comments. The work is better for their work, and for that my deepest thanks. Although the expression is conventional, its utterance is no less sincere: any errors that remain are my own. My extended family have provided so much support over so many years in so many ways that my thanks seem but meager. I am forever grateful for the love and patience that my mother, father, and sister have shown me. Lastly, I thank my wife, Megan Stephan, who has read every word amidst the beginning and the bourne of so many narratives. ...


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