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ANTS Anglo-Norman Text Society BL British Library CUL Cambridge University Library EETS  Early English Text Society (OS, Original Series, ES, Extra Series, SS Supplementary Series) LALME  A Linguistic Atlas of Late Medieval English, ed. Angus McIntosh, M. L. Samuels, and M. Benskin with the assistance of M. Laing and K. Williams , 4 vols (Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, 1986) MED  Middle English Dictionary, ed. H. Kurath, S. M. Kuhn, and R. E. Lewis (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1954–2001) New IMEV  A New Index of Middle English Verse, ed. Julia Boffey and A. S. G. Edwards (London: British Library, 2004) ODNB  Oxford Dictionary of National Biography OED Oxford English Dictionary Online A bb r e v iatio n s vi ...


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