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Acknowledgments One accumulates many debts over nearly a decade of research. I am particularly grateful for the generous support of people I met during fieldwork in Bosnia. Asim Mujkić at the University of Sarajevo has been a great mentor and friend throughout the project. This book would not have been possible without the invaluable assistance over the years of Djanan Bakamović, Ljiljana Četić, Dragan Dunjić and Goran Karanović. There is insufficient space to mention all the friends who made my time in Mostar and Brčko a wonderful experience, but a special mention is necessary for Čato and Ado at the Iron Horse in Brčko. Several local and international officials and academics in Bosnia were especially gracious with their time, hospitality, and information (including access to archival materials). I would like to thank in particular Jasmin Adilović, Peter Appleby, Mark Bowen, Amela Bozić, Edin Čelebić, Robert “Bill” Farrand, Susan Johnson, Ivan Krndelj, Osman Osmanović, Roberts Owen, Matthew Parish, Nikola Ristić, Adin Sadić, and Gerhard Sontheim. x Acknowledgments Bill, Susan, Roberts, and Matthew also provided detailed comments on an earlier version of chapter 7, as did Gerhard on chapters 4 and 6. This project has also benefited greatly from conversations with friends, colleagues, and mentors at various stages in the process, including Fedja Burić, Katie Hampton, Peter Locke, Paul Nadasdy, and Scott Straus. Special thanks goes to Bob Kaiser, my graduate advisor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, who, over the years, has taught me more than I can recount here. Séverine Autesserre provided very helpful feedback on chapters 6, 7, and the conclusion, as did Lieba Faier with the introductory and concluding chapters. Gail Kligman, John Agnew, and Reece Jones read a full draft of the manuscript. I would like to thank them and the two anonymous reviewers for their insightful comments. My editor, Roger Haydon, has been a joy to work with, as have all the other staff at Cornell University Press. Matt Zebrowski, our cartographer here at UCLA, did yeoman’s work in transforming my rudimentary maps into finished versions that are much more informative and aesthetically pleasing. Funding for this research was provided by the Council for European Studies; International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX); the United States Institute of Peace; the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Geography Department; and both the International Institute and Geography Department at UCLA. I am grateful for the generous financial support offered by all of these institutions. Finally, I would like to recognize my parents, my wife, Lori, and my daughter, Danica: without your love and support none of this would have been possible. This book is dedicated to Danica, moja mala princeza. ...


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