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Notes ABBREVIATIONS In addition to the abbreviations used in the text, the following appear in the notes. CDHC Records Records of the Concord Dance Hostess Committee, Concord Free Public Library, Concord, Mass. Hattiesburg USO Records Record Group M211, USO Club Records, University of Southern Mississippi, McCain Library and Archives, Hattiesburg, Miss. JSH Journal of Social Hygiene NAACP Papers National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. NCCS Records Records of the National Catholic Community Service, Archives of the Catholic University of America, Washington , D.C. Neal Collection Margaret Neal WWII Homefront Collection, P 151, Maryland Historical Society, Prints and Photographs Department, Baltimore, Md. NUL Records Records of the National Urban League, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. NUL-SRO Records Records of the National Urban League—Southern Regional Office, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. RAC Rockefeller Archive Center, North Tarrytown, N.Y. RG 24 Record Group 24, Records of the Bureau of Navy Personnel, National Archives II, College Park, Md. RG 215 Record Group 215, Records of the Office of Community War Services, National Archives II, College Park, Md. RG 225 Record Group 225, Records of the Joint Army and Navy Boards and Committees, National Archives II, College Park, Md. ★ 180 ★ NOTES TO PAGES 1 – 3 SA Papers Salvation Army War Services Subject Files, 1939–1950, The Salvation Army Archives and Research Center, Alexandria, Va. WQ Winchell Oral History Questionnaire WWII Collection World War II Collection, USO Series, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. YMCA Collection YMCA Collection, Archives and Special Materials Section, Reference Department, Langsdale Library, University of Baltimore, Md. INTRODUCTION 1. Blake and Blake interview. 2. Meyer, Creating GI Jane; Anderson, Wartime Women; Hartmann, Home Front and Beyond. 3. Adams, Best War Ever, 70. 4. Fulton Oursler, The People’s Reporter, 13 April 1944, RG III, 2 P, Office of the Messrs. Rockefeller Welfare Interests—General, 1942–45, box 50, folder 562, RAC; Coffey, Always Home, 3. The USO agreed to serve merchant marines but found that work problematic because merchant marines did not wear uniforms and soldiers, marines , and sailors did. The Baltimore USO did not know how to ‘‘fit them into the general picture.’’ The USO in Baltimore, Md., was unsure what types of services seamen required; see Minutes, 6 November 1942, ser. 1, box 9, YMCA Collection. For a good description of the USO’s creation, see Knapp, ‘‘Experimental Social Policy Making,’’ 322–26. 5. ‘‘National USO Campaign Reaches Its Goal,’’ YMCA News, September 1941, ser. 1, box 73, YMCA Collection; ‘‘USO Growth Rate Two Units a Day: Total Reaches 967,’’ USO News, September 1942, box 53, folder 595, RAC. These numbers include clubs and mobile units. 6. USO, Five Years of Service, 5. 7. Blumin, Emergence of the Middle Class, 2. 8. Hatheway, Gilded Age Construction of Modern American Homophobia, 38; Dumenil, Modern Temper, 72–74, 78–81; Stock, Main Street in Crisis, 97; Wandersee, ‘‘Economics of Middle-Income Family Life,’’ 47–48; Clement, Love for Sale, 7–8. Farmers and ‘‘petty producers’’ were members of the ‘‘old middle-class,’’ according to Stock, Main Street in Crisis, 9. 9. For more information on USO Camp Shows, Inc., see Heberling, ‘‘Soldiers in Greasepaint,’’ and Coffey, Always Home. ★ 181 ★ NOTES TO PAGES 3 – 9 10. Coffey, Always Home, 6. 11. Harper Sibley, President of the USO, Proceedings, USO War Activities Conference , 12 April 1942, box 72, RG 24. 12. Mrs. Maurice T. Moore, Chairman of the Women’s Committee of the USO, ibid. 13. Honorable Robert P. Patterson, Undersecretary of War, ‘‘We Need This Job Done,’’ War Activities Conference, New York: USO, 1942, USO Series, General Welfare Files, RG III, box 54, folder 615, RAC. 14. Balbo, ‘‘Crazy Quilts,’’ 51–53. 15. Address by Charles P. Taft, Assistant Coordinator of Health and Welfare, to Central Atlantic Area YMCA Convention, Atlantic City, N.J., 17 May 1941, box 1, RG 215; Knapp, ‘‘Experimental Social Policy Making,’’ 323–25. 16. D’Emilio and Freedman, Intimate Matters, 184, 271; Meyer, Creating GI Jane, 36; Peiss, Cheap Amusements, 98–99; Muncy, Creating a Female Dominion in American Reform. 17. Brandt, No Magic Bullet, 162, 167; Hegarty, Victory Girls, Khaki-Wackies, and Patriotutes, 74–75; Fass, Damned and the Beautiful; Ware, Holding Their Own. 18. Hartmann, Home Front and Beyond, 2–3. 19. ‘‘A United Nation Backs Them Up,’’ National USO Campaign, General Welfare Files, RG III, box 54, folder 615, RAC. 20. USO...


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