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Contents Introduction 1 ★ ONE ★ To Make the Boys Feel at Home: Senior Hostesses and Gendered Citizenship 12 ★ T WO ★ The Loveliest Girls in the Nation 44 ★ THREE ★ Wartime Socializing 76 ★ FOUR ★ Nice Girls Didn’t, Period: Junior Hostesses and Sexual Service 106 ★ FIVE ★ Courtship and Competition in the uso Dance Hall 135 Conclusion 171 Appendix: Interview/Questionnaire Template 177 Notes 179 Bibliography 221 Acknowledgments 239 Index 241 This page intentionally left blank Illustrations I.1. uso fund-raising poster 8 1.1. ‘‘I Gave My Son’’ 22 1.2. Private First Class Larry Wakefield 27 1.3. Coffee and donuts at the San Francisco uso 34 1.4. Mrs. Alfred Scott and a soldier at the Phyllis Wheatley ywca uso 36 1.5. Sewing service at the uso 40 2.1. Nancy Brown, Hollywood Canteen junior hostess 46 2.2. Front of West Adams Los Angeles Area uso identification card 50 2.3. Back of West Adams Los Angeles Area uso identification card 51 2.4. Betty Ward, director of the Miami uso 52 2.5. ‘‘Willie Gillis at the uso’’ 54 2.6. ‘‘After the Ball Is Over’’ 64 2.7. Two junior hostesses and a sailor sharing a soda 69 3.1. Ping-Pong at the Miami uso 90 3.2. More Ping-Pong at the Miami uso 91 3.3. Junior hostesses and soldiers playing games at a Boston area uso club 97 3.4. ‘‘Loose Lips Might Sink Ships’’ 98 3.5. uso certificate 104 4.1. ‘‘Wholesome Kids’’ at the Miami uso 126 4.2. ‘‘She May Look Clean—But’’ 129 5.1. Dancing at the Miami uso 140 5.2. Square dancing and the Paul Jones 142 5.3. Anne Rodriguez dancing with a sailor at the uso in Honolulu, Hawaii 143 5.4. Jitterbugging at the Miami uso 145 5.5. Margaret and Roger Fredrich’s wedding portrait 169 C.1. Miss America Phyllis George on a uso tour in Vietnam 174 Abbreviations & Acronyms asha American Social Hygiene Association bssc Boston Soldiers and Sailors Committee cdhc Concord Dance Hostess Committee gso Girls Service Organization jancwr Joint Army and Navy Committee on Welfare and Recreation naacp National Association for the Advancement of Colored People nccs National Catholic Community Service ocws Office of Community War Services opa Office of Price Administration sdc Stage Door Canteen uso United Service Organizations vd venereal disease wac Women’s Army Corps ymca Young Men’s Christian Association ywca Young Women’s Christian Association This page intentionally left blank Good Girls, Good Food, Good Fun This page intentionally left blank ...


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