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Acknowledgments No project like this is or can ever be the product of one person’s effort. I would like to thank the following individuals for their help and contributions. First, I would like to thank Marie Deans, who, the first time we met, asked me whether or not I supported the death penalty. It was perhaps the first time I ever seriously considered it, and may have indirectly set this project in motion. My heartfelt thanks also to Richard Pult and everyone at Northeastern University Press for making this process much easier than I suspect it could have been. Thank you also to Christi Stanforth for her hard work in improving this book. The fieldwork and archival research undertaken for this project were generously supported by a doctoral fellowship from the German Historical Institute (ghi) in Washington, dc, and by grants from the Soheyl Ghaemian Travel Fund for Scholars and the Graduiertenakademie of Heidelberg University. Without this support, I would not have been able to conduct that research. My thanks also to basf for funding the doctoral fellowship that helped support me for most of this period. I would like to thank all of the people who granted me interviews for taking the time to do so. I am also deeply grateful to the diocesan/synod/convention staffs that helped me notify their respective clergy about my project and solicit interest in helping me put together the statewide Bible study survey. A large number of people helped me get the word out over the summer of 2008, which translated into an excellent series of studies, without which the project could not have worked as it did. Thank you. Of course, I am also very grateful to the pastors, priests, and lay leaders who arranged and hosted these studies , as well as to everyone who attended and participated in the sessions. Not all of you were overjoyed to have me there, and not everyone fully trusted my intentions, but you were candid and open with me regardless, and for that, I thank you. Special thanks to Rev. Joseph M. Vought and Diane Bayer. Joe and I had a number of great conversations over good beer, and Joe gave me his copy of Miroslav Volf’s ExclusionandEmbrace. It’s safe to say that this had a significant impact on the book—thanks, Joe. Diane, thank you for the study Bible—my Oxford nrsv has seen better days, and the commentary in the New Interpreter ’s is excellent. The research staffs at the National Death Penalty Archive and the Ameri- xvi ) Acknowledgments ) can Friends Service Committee archives were invaluable, particularly Donald Davis, Brian Keough, and Mary Osielski. Marie Deans, Father Jim Griffin, and Joe Vought allowed me to boost some of their personal file collections, to be returned at a later date. I’m reasonably certain you each got everything back. In order to have a better understanding of the intricacies of the death penalty as it operates, as well as to clarify any number of legal questions I had, I spoke with a number of attorneys and legal scholars. Jennifer Givens, Rob Lee, and Laura Thornton of the Virginia Capital Representation Resource Center; David Bruck of the Virginia Capital Case Clearinghouse; and William Bowers, Tripp Chalkley, William Funk, and Mark Stichel all answered my questions patiently and were informative and helpful. Daniel Ritson and David Tabakin each read the entire manuscript in various stages from a legal point of view and offered helpful comments. Nicholas Kennedy went well above and beyond in generously helping me track down vital materials. I am indebted to all of you. Thanks also to Detlef Junker, Wilfried Mausbach, and the Heidelberg Center for American Studies for all of their support over the past several years. Thanks also to Philipp Gassert. Uta Balbier, my supervisor during my ghi fellowship, has been a great friend and collaborator from our very first panel together as we continue to work together on various projects. A number of other colleagues helped me refine my thinking and presentation. Volker Depkat and Jürgen Martschukat’s comments on an early draft of chapter 2 wound up significantly impacting the remainder of the book. Ron Granieri, Stewart Hoover, Mark Rozell, and Steven Whitfield gave me great comments at conference presentations and helped me refine some of my ideas. Kelly J. Baker, William Bowers, Jennifer Green, Robert Jewett, Charles Mathewes, Sean McCloud , Austin Sarat, and Chad Uran took the time to help me out at...


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