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Contents Acknowledgments ix Introduction: Weavers of Dreams, Unite! 1 1. The Great Text in Our Economy Today: The American Theater in an Age of Organization 11 2. The Sock and Buskin or the Artisan’s Biretta: Reconciling Art and Labor in the Actors’ Equity Association, 1913–1919 33 3. All the World’s a Stage! The Actors’ Strike of 1919 58 4. Protecting the High-Minded Actor and the High-Minded Manager in Equal Part: Occupational Unionism in the American Theater Industry, 1919–1929 87 5. For the Dignity and Honor of the Theatrical Profession: Respectability and Unrespectability in the Actors’ Equity Association, 1919–1929 119 6. Ain’t No Peace in the Family Now: The Actors’ Equity Association and the Movies, 1919–1929 141 Epilogue 173 Notes 179 Index 213 Illustrations follow page 86 Holmes_Weavers text.indd 7 12/7/12 8:28 AM Holmes_Weavers text.indd 8 12/7/12 8:28 AM ...


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