restricted access Thoughts While Reading Robert Frost on New Year’s Day in Idaho
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81 ThoughtsWhile Reading Robert Frost on NewYear’s Day in Idaho (A church with a crooked belfry stands in Bellevue, Idaho, just south of Hailey, where Ezra Pound was born, and Ketchum, where Ernest Hemingway shot himself). In Hailey, north of Bellevue’s misshaped belfry, A child with cantos crouching in his head Left ponderous snowtracks as he tugged his sled Across the years to die in Italy, In exile with his famed non-metric pound Of hate.While in the state where Ez was born, Things went awry in Ernest one lead dawn, The Big Wood’s splashroar drowning every sound, Until the shot, which friends and family said Was accidental, shook the granite hearth’s Gray vault, untouched yet by the sun’s first ray. I looked up from the pages I’d just read, And frost had swung the birches low to earth’s Right place for love and all that cannot stay. ...

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