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Appendix Note: In conducting research for this study, I sketched out the lives and connections of as many individuals as possible. Several surnames—for example, Goings, Battles, Barnett , and Bowles—were very common in Albemarle, representing large extended families . The incomplete nature of extant records and the infrequent appearance of some individuals in those records sometimes makes it impossible to connect everyone in these family trees. Where a maiden name is unknown, no surname is given. Amy Farrow Charles Lucy Martha Bartlett Stephen Zachariah Critty Farrow Barnett Bowles Bowles Butler Bowles Bowles Bowles Hemings Judah Molly Nancy Robert Lucy Peter F. StephenW. Susan Barnett Barnett Bowles Battles Bowles Bowles Bowles Jr. Mary Robert Elijah Nancy Keziah Stephan Wyatt Susan Bowles Susan E. Bowles James Barnett Farrar Battles Jr. Battles Farrar Battles Coram Battles John Bowles Georgianna Bowles Lucy Barnett Mary Jane Bowles Jane Barnett Zachariah Bowles Jr. Mary Barnett Peter S. Bowles Jr. Zachariah Barnett Ellen Battles Elijah Battles Jr. Martha Battles Jepthah Battles Wyatt Battles Nancy Battles Jr. Susan Battles Sophia Battles Robert Battles III Noah Battles John Battles Joanna Battles Reuben Battles Agnes Goings Moses Betsy Benjamin Joseph Joshua David Sherod Susannah Goings Goings Goings Goings Goings Goings Goings Simmons Richard Mary Daniel Benjamin Goings Jr. Agnes Henderson Ann John William Virginia Noah Sherod Goings Jr. Brock Goings Goings Jesse Goings Goings Goings Goings Goings Goings Tate JamesGoings Charles Goings Thomas Goings Zachariah Brock Nelly (Eleanor Frazier) Goings John Goings James Goings Frances Goings Henry Goings Miley Goings Agnes Goings Henry Goings Ira Goings Hardena Goings goings family tree ...


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