In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content:

Contents Acknowledgments ix Introduction 1 1. The Right Hand Men of the Revolution Albemarle’s Free Black War Veterans 11 2. Children of the Revolution Post-War Free Black Families, Property, and Community 42 3. Good Blacks and Useful Men Reputation and Free Black Mobility 75 4. “I’ll Show You What a Free Negro Is” Black-on-White Violence in Albemarle 113 5. Bawdy Houses and Women of Ill Fame Free Black Women, Prostitution, and Family 139 6. An Easy Morality Community Knowledge of Interracial Sex 170 Conclusion 200 Appendix Farrow-Bowles-Barnett-Battles family tree 208 Goings family tree 209 Notes 211 Bibliography 245 Index 259 ...


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