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From: W. C. Handy

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Contents prologue A View of Mr. Handy: One Afternoon in Memphis, 1918 3 chapter one Slavery, the AME Church, and Emancipation: The Handy Family of Alabama, 1811–1873 20 chapter two W. C. Handy and the Music of Black and White America, 1873–1896 32 chapter three Jumping Jim Crow: Handy as a Traveling Minstrel Musician, 1896–1900 52 chapter four Aunt Hagar’s Ragtime Son Comes Home to Alabama, 1900–1903 74 chapter five Where the Southern Crosses the Yellow Dog: Handy and the Mississippi Delta, 1903–1905 89 chapter six Mr. Crump Don’t ’Low: The Birth of the Commercial Blues, 1905–1909 109 chapter seven Handy’s Memphis Copyright Blues, 1910–1913 128 chapter eight Tempo à Blues: Pace & Handy, Beale Avenue Music Publishers, 1913–1917 148 chapter nine New York City: National Success, the “St. Louis Blues,” and Blues: An Anthology, 1918–1926 172 chapter ten Symphonies and Movies, Spirituals and Politics, and W. C. Handy as Perennial Performer, 1927–1941 196 chapter eleven “St. Louis Blues”: The Final Performance, 1958 220 Acknowledgments 233 Notes 235 Selected Bibliography 269 Index 273 Contents x W. C. Handy ...