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The Problem of Democracy in the Age of Slavery antislavery, abolition, and the atlantic world R. J. M. Blackett and James Brewer Stewart, Series Editors louisiana state university press baton rouge THE PROBLEM OF DEMOCRACY IN THE AGE OF SLAVERY|| Garrisonian Abolitionists &Transatlantic Reform W.CALEB MCDANIEL Published by Louisiana State University Press Copyright © 2013 by W. Caleb McDaniel All rights reserved Manufactured in the United States of America First printing designer: Michelle A. Neustrom typeface: Whitman printer: McNaughton & Gunn, Inc. binder: Acme Bookbinding library of congress cataloging-in-publication data McDaniel, W. Caleb (William Caleb), 1979– The problem of democracy in the age of slavery : Garrisonian abolitionists and transatlantic reform / W. Caleb McDaniel. p. cm.— (Antislavery, abolition, and the Atlantic world) Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 978-0-8071-5018-4 (cloth : alk. paper)—ISBN 978-0-8071-5019-1 (pdf)—ISBN 978-0-8071-5020-7 (epub)—ISBN 978-0-8071-5021-4 (mobi) 1. Antislavery movements— United States—History—19th century. 2. Slavery—Political aspects—United States—History —19th century. 3. Democracy—Philosophy. 4. Garrison, William Lloyd, 1805–1879. 5. Phillips, Wendell, 1811–1884. 6. American Anti-Slavery Society. 7. Abolitionists— United States—Biography. I. Title. E449.M473 2013 326'.8092—dc23 2012027975 Portions of chapter 7 first appeared in “Repealing Unions: American Abolitionists, Irish Repeal, and the Origins of Garrisonian Disunionism,” Journal of the Early Republic 28, no. 2 (2008): 243–69. Copyright 2008 Society for Historians of the Early American Republic. Used by permission. The paper in this book meets the guidelines for permanence and durability of the Committee on Production Guidelines for Book Longevity of the Council on Library Resources. ⬁ 䊊 For Brandy and my parents This page intentionally left blank Republics exist only on the tenure of being constantly agitated. . . . If the Alps, piled in cold and still sublimity, be the emblem of Despotism, the ever-restless ocean is ours, which, girt within the eternal laws of gravitation , is pure only because never still. —wendell phillips, 1852 It is no real paradox to affirm that a man’s love of his country may often be gauged by his disgust at it. —james russell lowell, 1875 This page intentionally left blank ...


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