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7 Hu mor M e Byron De La Beckwith I was raised with the word nigger in my mouth. In this part of the south it is considered our silver spoon. It practically lived in every good joke I heard growing up in Mississippi. The only other good ones were about sex. But I’ve seen bad jokes about niggers and sex kick all the power of whiskey right off the front porch, turn it into something so mean, somebody would have to get smacked around to stir that power back up again. Sometimes it was a dog too friendly for drunks. Sometimes it was a girlfriend or a wife who wandered grinning into our man-talk and snickered at all the wrong parts. If there weren’t no women or dogs around, us men would pile into a truck and ride off towards the coon side of town, looking for something funny. Niggers are proof that Indians fucked buffalo. —anonymous ...


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