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Guide to Key Places and People The Places Langzhong city Nearest city to the field site and county seat Baoma Main field site and the anthropologist’s village of residence, six kilometers from Langzhong city Meishan Junhong and Lili’s natal village, twelve kilometers from Langzhong city Xicun Erjie’s natal village and village of residence of Gandie, Ganma, and Erjie’s three brothers The People Gandie’s Family Gandie The father, sixty-two in 2004, former brigade accountant from the late 1960s until decollectivization; diagnosed with esophagus cancer in October 2004, died in February 2005 Ganma The mother, sixty in 2004, devout Christian Dage Eldest son of Gandie and Ganma, full-time farmer Dasao Dage’s wife, full-time farmer, occasionally working in a cow slaughterhouse in Xicun and in charge of caring for her granddaughter Guofu Dasao and Dage’s son (twenty-two in 2004), worked in Shenzhen, wanted to divorce against his parents’ will; did not return home for his grandfather’s funeral Yumei Guofu’s daughter (born 2002), Gandie and Ganma’s great-granddaughter Erge Second son of Gandie and Ganma, worked in a pig slaughterhouse in the township, devout Christian Ersao Erge’s wife, worked as an attendant in a hotel in the city, devout Christian xiv     Guide to Key Places and People Guoyun Erge and Ersao’s son (seventeen in 2004), trained briefly as a tailor, in 2004 worked in Fujian and later in Chongqing; returned home during his grandfather’s illness and for his funeral Sange Third son of Gandie and Ganma, worked in a small food shop in Langzhong city Sansao Sange’s wife, worked with him in a small food shop in Langzhong city; she and her husband had a son who was nine in 2004 Dajie Eldest daughter of Gandie and Ganma, worked as a cleaner in a hotel near Langzhong city’s longdistance coach station; her husband worked as a motorcycle taxi driver; they had a son attending high school in 2004 Erjie Second daughter of Gandie and Ganma, the anthropologist’s host and closest informant, thirtysix in 2004 Erjie’s Family Taoge Erjie’s husband, worked as a carpenter in Langzhong city, thirty-seven in 2004 Lida Twelve-year-old daughter of Erjie and Taoge Uncle Tao Taoge’s father and Erjie’s father-in-law Aunt Tian Taoge’s mother and Erjie’s mother-in-law Uncle Wang’s Family Uncle Wang One of five brothers (one of whom is a fengshui master), full-time farmer, lived in a portion of the only surviving courtyard house in Baoma; was diagnosed with stomach cancer in June 2004 and killed himself by drinking pesticide in November 2004 Aunt Zhang Farmer, caring for her granddaughter; firm believer in the spirit world and in “traditional” customs Wangge Uncle Wang and Aunt Zhang’s son, worked in a factory in Guangdong Guide to Key Places and People     xv Pengjie Wangge’s wife, migrated with her husband and worked in the same factory in Guangdong Youhui Daughter of Wangge and Pengjie, ten in 2004 Other Key Informants Aunt Cao Wife of one of Baoma’s barefoot vets, in her sixties, had two daughters and two sons, the youngest also a vet, the other migrated in search of work; both her daughters-in-law had very poor relationships with their husbands Junhong Daughter-in-law of Aunt Cao and the village barefoot vet, originally from Meishan Lili Junhong’s younger sister; left her husband and worked in Xi’an Baohua Junhong and Lili’s older brother, lives in Meishan Grandma Chen In her early seventies, had three sons, married to a Korean War veteran; her suicide by pesticide poisoning followed a diagnosis of stomach cancer in 2006 Aunt Liu (Minjie) Born 1951, died in 2007 of stomach cancer; married to one of Baoma village’s schoolteachers, who died at forty-eight of pulmonary heart disease; she could not bear children and had to adopt a daughter ...


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