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Contents Acknowledgments     ix Guide to Key Places and People     xiii Introduction     1 Part 1: Foundations Chapter 1: Cancer and Contending Forms of Morality     17 Chapter 2: The Evolving Moral World of Langzhong     51 Part 2: Making Sense of Cancer Chapter 3: Water, Hard Work, and Farm Chemicals: The Moral Economy of Cancer     91 Chapter 4: Gendered Hardship, Emotions, and the Ambiguity of Blame     117 Chapter 5: Xiguan, Consumption, and Shifting Cancer Etiologies     144 Part 3: Strategies of Care and Mourning Chapter 6: Performing Closeness, Negotiating Family Relations, and the Cost of Cancer     177 Chapter 7: Perceived Efficacy, Social Identities, and the Rejection of Cancer Surgery     200 Chapter 8: Family Relations and Contested Religious Moralities     230 Conclusion     258 Appendix 1: Questionnaire (English Translation)     267 Appendix 2: List of Pesticides Used in Langzhong and Their Health Effects     269 Notes     273 References      285 Index     313 ...


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