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contents Introduction: Engaging Radical Egalitarianism felicity aulino and miriam goheen 1 Part Ireligion, trade, and transnational networks via thailand The Charisma of Saints and the Cult of Relics,Amulets, and Tomb Shrines 15 stanley jeyaraja tambiah Understanding Social Totalities: Stanley Tambiah’s Early Contribution to Sociology of Thai Buddhism 51 james taylor Transnational Buddhism and the Transformation of Local Power in Thailand 68 ingrid jordt A Muslim King and His Buddhist Subjects: Religion, Power, and Identity at the Periphery of the Thai State 80 irving chan johnson Part IIcosmologies, ideologies, and localities Economies of Ghosts, Gods, and Goods: The History and Anthropology of Chinese Temple Networks 91 michael puett Trade, Religion, and Civic Relations in the Manangi Long-Distance Trade Community 101 prista ratanapruck Cosmologies of Welfare: Two Conceptions of Social Assistance in Contemporary South Africa 111 james ferguson F5920.indb v F5920.indb v 12/17/12 3:00:35 PM 12/17/12 3:00:35 PM vi Contents “A Recurrence of Structures” in Collapsing Nigeria 119 victor manfredi People and Ideas Travel Together: Tambiah’s Approach to Ritual and Cosmology in Brazil 137 mariza peirano Paradoxes of Order in Thai Community Politics 146 michael herzfeld Part IIIviolence, political conflict, and humanitarian intervention Structural Work: How Microhistories Become Macrohistories and Vice Versa 161 marshall sahlins Perspectives on the Politics of Peace in Aceh, Indonesia 191 mary-jo delvecchio good and byron j. good A Tale of Two Affects: Humanitarianism and Professionalism in Red Cross Aid Work 209 liisa malkki At the Base of Local and Transnational Conflicts: The Political Uses of Inferiorization 220 emiko ohnuki-tierney Afterword. Galactic Polities, Radical Egalitarianism, and the Practice of Anthropology: Tambiah on Logical Paradoxes, Social Contradictions, and Cultural Oscillations 233 michael m. j. fischer Notes 259 Bibliography 289 List of Contributors 327 F5920.indb vi F5920.indb vi 12/17/12 3:00:35 PM 12/17/12 3:00:35 PM ...


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