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Contents List of Illustrations ix Acknowledgments xi Introduction: The Election of 1860 Reconsidered A. James Fuller 1 1 The Political Organizer: Abraham Lincoln’s 1860 Campaign Michael S. Green 7 2 The 1860 Southern Sojourns of Stephen A. Douglas and the Irrepressible Separation James L. Huston 29 3 A Forlorn Hope: Interpreting the Breckinridge Campaign as a Matter of Honor A. James Fuller 69 4 The Last True Whig: John Bell and the Politics of Compromise in 1860 A. James Fuller 103 5 Frederick Douglass and the Abolitionist Response to the Election of 1860 John R. McKivigan 141 6 Saving the Republic: Turnout, Ideology, and Republicanism in the Election of 1860 Thomas E. Rodgers 165 7 The Election of 1860 and Political Realignment Theory: Indiana as a Case Study A. James Fuller 193 8 The View from Abroad: Europeans Look at the Election of 1860 Lawrence Sondhaus 225 9 “An Inscrutable Election?”: The Historiography of the Election of 1860 Douglas G. Gardner 245 Contributors 265 Index 267 Fuller text.indb 7 1/15/13 2:55 PM Fuller text.indb 8 1/15/13 2:55 PM ...


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