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Acknowledgments In the preparation of this book acknowledgment must be made to those who, over many years and whether in the form of conferences, letters, or general conversation, provided me with the basis of knowledge and critical facility that made this work possible. To attempt to list these people is impossible , but they have the satisfaction of knowing that without them this book could never have been written and also that they are not responsible for the various errors, the sins of omission and commission, that litter its pages. Nonetheless, specific acknowledgment needs to be made to individuals who spent many hours helping me try to settle a host of difficulties that arose in the course of this book’s writing. I would specifically acknowledge and offer my sincere and unreserved gratitude for the help I received from Dr. Robert M. Browning, historian, U.S. Coast Guard headquarters, Washington, D.C.; Dr. Robert J. Cressman and Dr. Randy Papadopolous, Naval Historical Center, Washington, D.C.; Gary A. LaValley, archivist at the Nimitz Library, U.S. Naval Academy; Brett Mitchell of the Naval History Section in the Australian Department of Defence; and Barry L. Zerby of the National Archives, Washington, D.C., for all the help they afforded in the completion of the Allied order of battle, and to Kobayashi Go and Shindo Hiroyuki of the Military History Department, National Institute for Defence Studies, for all the help they afforded in the completion of the Japanese order of battle. I would wish to acknowledge the advice and assistance I received from Michael Coles, Professor Ken Hagen, Commander John Kuehn, USN, Captain Gerard Roncolato, USN, Professor John Sweetman , and Steven Weingartner in putting together and then testing various matters that together went into one of the appendixes. I would specifically wish to acknowledge all the help and personal kindnesses afforded me by XII ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Captain William Spencer and Andrea Johnson, Professor Spencer C. and Beverly Tucker, and Professor Tohmatsu Haruo, Tamagawa University; they always seemed to be with me in the writing, and without hesitation offered and provided help far beyond the call of friendship. I would note, however, that acknowledgment has to be made to other professional colleagues and friends who provided me with support and encouragement at a time of personal and professional disaster, and without whose comfort and support what were truly difficult times would have been nearly impossible. Among those I would acknowledge are Tim Bean, Patrick Birks, Tony Clayton, Nigel and Martine de Lee, Christopher Duffy, Paul Harris and Cliff Krieger, Jim Mattis, George Raach, John Votaw, and John Andreas and Tine Olsen. I would not wish to thank one more than another; to these especially, but to all who have helped me, I owe a special debt that I will attempt to discharge in due course. And with these I would add, not as an afterthought but deliberately, Professor Sarah Palmer of Greenwich Maritime Institute and my present colleagues at The Citadel for the confidence they have shown in me by virtue of my present employment . Their faith, commitment, and loyalty I appreciate beyond my poor power to acknowledge in these lines. I also wish to acknowledge my debt to those without whose patience, tact, and ability this book would probably have gone the way of many of the ships cited in these pages. Specifically I would wish to acknowledge my debts to Robert Sloan, Jane Quinet, Jane Lyle, Drew Bryan, and Keith Chaffer, and I trust they will accept this acknowledgment of their support and efforts. I trust they will not try to amend this poor acknowledgment of their efforts. There remains one group that always appears in my acknowledgments section and for one reason: they have been the means of ensuring sanity. I would acknowledge my debts to and my love for my dogs, Everton, Sherry, Kondor, Jamie, and Suki; I trust they are at peace. I would acknowledge my present debt to and love for Lancaster, Mishka, and Cassie and for Junior and Yanya; I trust much time will pass before they join their predecessors and chase together across the celestial fields. H. P. Willmott Mark W. Clark Chair Visiting Lecturer Department of History Greenwich Maritime Institute The Citadel University of Greenwich Charleston, South Carolina London SE 25 October 2004 THE BATTLE OF LEYTE GULF ...


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