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vii Contents Acknowledgments Note on the Texts Introduction: The Humor of the Old South; or, Transgression He Wrote Augustus Baldwin Longstreet Georgia Theatrics The Horse-Swap The Fight Solomon Franklin Smith A Tennessee Door-Keeper The Consolate Widow Speculation in Whiskers An Unfinished Obituary Charles F. M. Noland Pete Whetstone’s Bear Hunt Pete Whetstone’s Last Frolic Pete Whetstone and the Mail Boy William Tappan Thompson The Major in an Embarrassing Situation The Christmas Present in a Bag The Runaway Match; or How the Schoolmaster Master Married a Fortune George Washington Harris Sut Lovingood’s Daddy, Acting Horse Parson John Bullen’s Lizards Sut Lovingood Reports What Bob Dawson Said, After Marrying a Substitute Well! Dad’s Dead xi xiii 1 25 26 28 34 43 44 46 47 50 52 53 54 56 57 58 62 65 70 71 75 81 85 viii Contents Johnson Jones Hooper Simon Plays the “Snatch” Game Captain Suggs and Lieutenant Snipes “Court-Martial” Mrs. Haycock The Captain Attends a Camp-Meeting Joseph Glover Baldwin Simon Suggs, Jr. Esq., A Legal Biography Thomas Bangs Thorpe The Big Bear of Arkansas Letters from the Far West 2: Above the Yellow-Stone Letters from the Far West 7: Above the Head of Platte Letters from the Far West 10: Cross Timbers Letters from the Far West 12: Beyond the Cross Timbers Henry Clay Lewis A Tight Race Considerin’ The Indefatigable Bear Hunter A Struggle for Life Samuel Langhorne Clemens The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County The Story of the Old Ram Frescoes from the Past David Crockett Bear Hunting in Tennessee A Love Adventure and Uproarious Fight with a Stage Driver “Riproarious Shemales” Legendary Women of the Crockett Almanacs Sal Fink, the Mississippi Screamer, How She Cooked Injuns Katy Goodgrit One of Crockett’s Infant Children, Grinning Lightning at a Bear The Flower of Gum Swamp Joseph Gault A Constable Selling ‘Coon Skins A Justice Commanding the Peace The Drunkard’s Resurrection in His Morning Shroud 89 91 97 103 112 113 128 129 139 141 143 146 149 150 157 163 171 172 176 179 191 192 200 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 Contents ix James Edward Henry My Man Dick Hamilton C. Jones Cousin Sally Dilliard McAlpin’s Trip to Charleston William Gilmore Simms Ephraim Bartlett, the Edisto Raftsman Joseph M. Field A Lyncher’s Own Story Kicking a Yankee Hardin E. Taliaferro Uncle Davy Lane Ride in a Peach Tree (Uncle Davy Lane) The Pigeon Roost (Uncle Davy Lane) Rev. Charles Gentry The Origin of Whites (Rev. Charles Gentry) Jonah and the Whale (Rev. Charles Gentry) John S. Robb Nettle Bottom Ball; or, Betsy Jones’ Tumble in the Mush Pan Fun with a “Bar.” A Night Adventure on the Missouri Christopher Mason Haile Dear Chase Pardon Jones on the Rio Grande Adam Geiselhard Summer Natural Angling, or Riding a Sturgeon Orlando Benedict Mayer The Innocent Cause, or How Snoring Broke Off a Match: A Tale of Hog Killing Time William C. Hall Mike Hooter’s Bar Story How Sally Hooter Got Snake-Bit: A Yazoo Sketch—No. IV 212 213 224 225 227 230 231 241 242 247 250 251 252 254 255 256 256 258 259 262 268 269 271 275 276 281 282 289 290 293 x Contents Francis James Robinson Lije Benadix Old Jack C— Marcus Lafayette Byrn Spontaneous Ebullition of a Drunkard The Resurrection, or How to Take Up a Negro Southern Frontier Humor: A Selected Bibliography 299 300 306 319 321 323 331 ...


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