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ix #ONTENTS Acknowledgments Introduction /NE Childhood, Transcendence, and Art 4WO Spiritual Functions of Art Lonergan on Art Art and the Metaxy 4HREE Elemental Meaning and Gerard Manley Hopkins Lonergan on Elemental Meaning Hopkins’s Religious and Artistic Development Inscape, Instress, and the Divine Heart of Nature Poetry as Spiritual Epiphany The Poetry of Spiritual Desolation &OUR Emily Dickinson and the Unknown God Poet of the In-Between Divine Being as Mystery Dickinson’s Drama of Human-Divine Encounter The Unknown God xi 1 9 23 26 32 38 39 43 46 53 56 62 63 72 75 82 x Contents &IVE A Pattern of Timeless Moments: T. S. Eliot’s Four Quartets The Content and Structure of Four Quartets Time and Timelessness History as Metaxy The Spiritual Ecumenism of Four Quartets Four Quartets as an Act of Resistance and Recovery 3IX Art and Spiritual Growth “No Means of Safety but Love” Conversions Conclusion Notes Bibliography Index 88 90 92 98 101 105 107 108 116 129 135 147 157 ...


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