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Citations of the writings of William James are included in an abbreviated format in all chapters for ease of reference and flow of text. (Citations of, and references to, other authors, as well as more substantial notes, are included in the footnotes in all chapters.) All abbreviated citations and references are to The Works of William James, published by Harvard University Press (Frederick Burkhardt, general editor, and Fredson Bowers, textual editor; Cambridge, Massachusetts and London, England), or to The Correspondence of William James, published by the University Press of Virginia (Ignas K. Skrupelis and Elizabeth M. Berkeley, eds.; Charlottesville, Va., and London, England). The abbreviations and full references (including original publication dates) are as follows: APU A Pluralistic Universe (1977 [1909]) CWJ The Correspondence of William James (1992–2004 [1861–1910]; 12 vols.) ECR Essays, Comments, and Reviews (1987 [1865–1909]) ERE Essays in Radical Empiricism (1976 [1912]) ERM Essays in Religion and Morality (1982 [1884–1910]) EP Essays in Philosophy (1978 [1876–1910]) MEN Manuscript Essays and Notes (1988 [1872–1910]) MT The Meaning of Truth (1975 [1909]) P Pragmatism: A New Name for Some Old Ways of Thinking (1975 [1907]) PP The Principles of Psychology (1981 [1890]; 2 vols.) SPP Some Problems of Philosophy (1979 [1910]) TT Talks to Teachers on Psychology (1983 [1899]) VRE The Varieties of Religious Experience (1985 [1902]) WB The Will to Believe and Other Essays in Popular Philosophy (1979 [1897]) A B B R E V I A T I ONS 100 Years of Pragmatism ...


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