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    Acknowledgments List of Abbreviations    Introduction: 100 Years of Pragmatism john j. stuhr 1 James’s Pragmatism and American Culture, 1907–2007 james t. kloppenberg 2 The Enemies of Pragmatism mark bauerlein 3 The Earth Must Resume Its Rights: A Jamesian Genealogy of Immaturity ross posnock 4 Pragmatism and Death: Method vs. Metaphor, Tragedy vs. the Will to Believe william j. gavin 5 William James’s Pragmatism: A Distinctly Mixed Bag bruce wilshire 6 The Deconstruction of Traditional Philosophy in William James’s Pragmatism richard m. gale 7 James on Truth and Solidarity: The Epistemology of Diversity and the Politics of Specificity josé m. medina 8 Pragmatism, Nihilism, and Democracy: What Is Called Thinking at the End of Modernity? james livingston 9 Active Tension linda simon 10 Reflections on the Future of Pragmatism ruth anna putnam 11 Looking toward Last Things: James’s Pragmatism beyond Its First Century john j. stuhr      List of Contributors      Index C o n t e n t s vii ix 1 7 41 57 81    96 108 124 144 173 185 194 209 213 ...


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