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171 marta I’m forty years old, a sensitive man who likes music, poetry, and cinema. I’m a lawyer, single, and live alone. I’m looking for a lasting relationship of love and respect. incorrigible romantic. I spent a week, me, Incorrigible Romantic, visiting chat rooms and was getting discouraged, when the woman I was looking for showed up: dear incorrigible romantic, Like you, I am also looking for a lasting relationship with someone worthy and affectionate. I too love music and poetry and especially cinema. Tell me more about yourself. louise brooks. dear louise brooks, I’ve never married, not because I lacked the financial conditions to do so, just the opposite, I’m a man of means, despite living a modest life. I’ve never married because I haven’t met the ideal woman. They say there’s no such thing, that it’s a romantic illusion. But I refuse to accept such pessimism. That’s why I used the pseudonym Incorrigible Romantic. What about you? Why Louise Brooks? 172 | Rubem Fonseca dear incorrigible romantic, Louise Brooks was a beautiful actress in silent films. One day a boyfriend gave me a picture of her that looked so much like me that I still have it even now. A woman with an air of mystery, which I, to tell the truth, don’t have. I’m an open book. I’ve never been married either and am looking for the ideal man. I know I’m going to find him. Who knows if he’s you. Do you have a girlfriend? louise brooks. dear louise, No, I don’t have a girlfriend. I would like to meet you. You must be thinking, he doesn’t know me, how can he want to meet me? But I’m sure we’re going to get along very well. Give it some thought. romantic. dear romantic, I’m a shy person, I live with my mother, I’m doing this crazy thing for the first time in my life, talking with a stranger on the Internet. I don’t know if I should go any further with this. I’m afraid. louise. I was anxious to get that woman. dear louise, I’m a shy person like you, it’s the first time I’ve done this. But I know, a type of premonition, that we’re going to get along very well. May I visit your home? I know your mother will like me. romantic. dear romantic, At my house it’s impossible, it will have to be at yours. Give me your address. I’ll be there tomorrow, at nightfall. kisses, louise. dear louise, My address is on Gomes Monteiro, third floor. It’s a four-story building, one apartment per floor, one of those old buildings that real estate speculation hasn’t managed to destroy. Call on the intercom and I’ll buzz you in. Anxiously awaiting you. romantic. 173 | Marta I was tense all day, and as the time approached I got worse. I had to get that woman. Then the intercom rang. “It’s Louise.” I pushed the button. A short time later the bell to my apartment rang. I opened the door. She was a very pale woman, with hair so dark it looked dyed. She was wearing a miniskirt that displayed her beautiful, long white legs. “Come in, please.” There she stood, the woman I was looking for. She came in. I asked her to have a seat. “A lovely apartment. Is it yours?” “I have another one, in the Barra. I rent this one.” “My real name is Diana.” “Mine is Carlos.” “Take a look at this photo of Louise Brooks,” she said. Ilooked.Ablackandwhitephoto.Herhairwasofanunusualblackness and her skin was very white. A beautiful woman. “Want something to drink?” “A little whiskey.” I got from the pantry a bottle of whiskey, one of mineral water, and a bucket of ice. “I like mine without ice, just whiskey and water, more whiskey than water,” I said. “Ice with mine, please, and lots of water.” I fixed our drinks and put the glasses on a tray. “Do you have anything to munch on?” she asked. “I’ll check inside there, be right back,” I replied. I dawdled, sitting in the pantry holding the bag of cookies. I wanted to give her time. After some minutes I returned. Louise lifted her glass. “I’d like to make a toast, in hopes that our relationship is a...


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