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vii Contents Foreword ix Edward Albee Acknowledgments xi Introduction: “You Have to Hock Your House: The Story of a Producer” 1 1. Privilege with a Price: Washington, Princeton, and Early Theatre Efforts 4 2. Playing with Martians: Stage and Screen with Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre 12 3. A Theatrical Warrior: Lieutenant Richard Barr 39 4. Learning the Director’s Craft: Stock, Broadway, and City Center 49 5. Broadway Beginnings: Ethel Waters, Ruth Draper, and Theatrical Collage 66 6. The Zoo Story: Discovering Edward Albee 78 7. Producers at Work: On Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Off-Off-Broadway 95 8. Experimenting with Edward: Malcolm to All Over 139 9. Hocking the House: Seascape to Sweeney Todd 165 viii Contents 10. Brightening Broadway’s Lights: Barr’s Legacy to the American Theatre 195 Afterword 225 Edward Albee Notes 227 Bibliography 261 Index 269 Gallery follows page 138 ...


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