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ix Acknowledgments This book began as a doctoral dissertation at Arizona State University. The members of my dissertation committee provided invaluable support and guidance as I worked through the material here for the first time. It was a privilege to work with such gifted scholars and practitioners. Thanks to Dr. Beverly Brandt, who is not only an extraordinary design historian but also a wonderful mentor. My scholarship is much richer for her guidance. Thanks, also, to Dr. Robert Edsall, who remained a valuable source for all knowledge cartographic, even when his research and teaching took him far from Arizona. Finally, thanks to Dr. Jannelle Warren-Findley, whose expertise in public history has guided my efforts to write for a diverse readership. A fellowship gave me the opportunity to write full-time in the academic year leading up to my graduation. I would like to acknowledge the Graduate College at Arizona State University and express thanks for its institutional commitment to student research. Numerous librarians and archivists deserve acknowledgment: those at Arizona State University, particularly in special collections and the map collection, and Deborah Koshinsky, the extraordinary head librarian in the Architecture Library; the librarians in special collections at the University of Arizona; and those at the Burton-Barr Library in Phoenix. Thanks to the archivists at the Arizona Historical Foundation in Tempe, the Arizona Historical Society branches in Tempe and Tucson, the Arizona State History Museum in Tucson, and the Arizona State Archives in Phoenix. Also, thanks to the generous artists who allowed me to reprint their work here, and to the many other copyright holders who granted copyright permissions. A warm “thank you” to the editorial staff at the University of Arizona Press, with whom it has been a joy to work. The journey from dissertation to book manuscript has been facilitated by many helpful individuals, particularly Kristen Buckles, a talented and supportive editor. Finally and forever, thanks to my family, with love. mapping wonderlands ...


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