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Acknowledgments  This book grew out of the many talks describing my wartime experiences at schools, colleges, synagogues, and churches throughout the Boston area. I am indebted to the many friends and listeners who urged me to prepare a more thorough narrative of my war years, and I thank them for their encouragement and support. Linda Greenwood, Tom Weil, and Sonya Weitz read earlier versions of the manuscript. Their constructive comments have provided a useful basis for further evolution of the book. Lengthy and repeated discussions with Bob Ditter and Elizabeth Bidinger on various aspects of the story have been exceptionally helpful. I thank Jeffrey Weiss for his generous help in preparing photos and maps. My good friend Marilyn Harter has been most generous in her encouragement of my efforts, and her thoughtful comments have been invaluable . Marilyn’s steadfast support greatly helped see this book through to completion. I am particularly grateful to my son Gregory for the careful reading and long discussions of many versions of the manuscript. Gregory’s astute comments helped me crystalize many important issues related to my experiences . His incisive questions, critiques, and thoughtful suggestions were of great use in the preparation of this book. My cousin Zvi Griliches kindly shared his memories and photographs of our family, which have greatly enriched the story. We had complementary recollections, and I cherished our many conversations and discussions. Thanks also to Alan Feldman, Sylvia Rothchild, and Phil Zuckerman for their advice and practical suggestions with regard to publishing this book. Nancy Witting’s and Cheryl Carnahan’s careful editing has been extremely helpful. xii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Last but not least, I thank my beloved wife, Julie, for her forbearance during the long years when I was often preoccupied with writing the memoirs . Julie was always supportive of this endeavor, always ready to read yet another draft chapter, and always willing to offer honest and constructive criticism of the work in progress. I am deeply grateful to her. NOTE ADDED IN PUBLICATION Our son Gregory died suddenly of an asthmatic attack in September 1999, and my cousin Zvi Griliches died of pancreatic cancer in November 1999. I loved them dearly and miss them terribly. City of Life City of Death Baltic Sea region showing S W E D E N D E N M A R K Oslo Hannover Bremerhaven Copenhagen Stockholm Hamburg Rostock Berlin Bremen Magdeburg Poznan B A L T I C Oder Warta Elbe G E R M A N Y national boundaries ESTONIA L A T V I A R U S S I A L I T H U A N I A P O L A N D Gdansk Minsk Kaunas Vilnius Pskev Kaliningrad Riga Brest Warsaw St. Petersburg Ventspils Helsinki Haapsalu Tallinn R U S S I A Klaipeda Daugavpils Liepaja S E A V is tu la Pripyats Daugava Lake Peipus Bug B E L A R U S ...


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