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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I have incurred many debts in the course of this project. I am very grateful to the St. Paul Center, its president, Scott Hahn, and its director, Rob Corzine. Without its generous grant, this translation would have taken many years to complete. The St. Paul Center , founded by Scott Hahn, promotes the study of Scripture in the Catholic tradition. I think that this translation will help in the accomplishment of that mission. I must thank Scott also for the generous use of his personal library and, finally, for his encouragement and enthusiasm for this work. This work simply would not have taken place without the support of Alan Schreck and Max Bonilla. At a University that focuses on teaching, they carved out resources for this project, and I am very grateful to them. When I encountered particularly difficult passages, I called on the help of a few friends. I thank Patrick Lee, Joseph T. Lienhard , S.J., Richard Smith, and Roland Teske, S.J. I am grateful too for the editorial assistance of my graduate student, Brad Gholston. Gregory LaNave and Carole Monica Burnett at the Catholic University of America Press have been a delight to work with. The otherwise obscure name Robert Grosseteste has become a household name in our home. I am grateful to my wife, Sara, and my children, Lucy, Peter, Elizabeth, Paul, and Anthony, for welcoming him into the common life that is so dear to me. Finally , I wish to thank my parents, Pat and Larry, to whom I dedicate this work. I owe them more than I can say. ix ...


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