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Contents Scoping the Exits: The Short Fiction of Kit Reed ix gary k. wolfe Denny 1 The Attack of the Giant Baby 13 What Wolves Know 20 Automatic Tiger 40 Wherein We Enter the Museum 52 High Rise High 69 Piggy 101 Song of the Black Dog 114 Weston Walks 128 How It Works 145 Precautions 158 Journey to the Center of the Earth 165 Family Bed 174 The Singing Marine 185 In the Squalus 197 Perpetua 205 Pilots of the Purple Twilight 215 viii Contents Sisohpromatem 224 On the Penal Colony 229 The Food Farm 240 In Behalf of the Product 248 Songs of War 255 Winter 288 The Weremother 295 Voyager 300 Old Soldiers 311 Incursions 326 The Bride of Bigfoot 337 The Zombie Prince 345 Grand Opening 358 Special 366 Monkey Do 380 The Outside Event 389 The Legend of Troop 13 410 The Wait 429 ...


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