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Acknowledgments Hillary Clinton said that it takes a village to raise a child. The same could be said of writing a book. For me, the experiences of raising children and writing a book have been interwoven. I have many people to thank who made it possible for me to do both. This project began at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, under the warm and wonderful supervision of Susanne Wofford. Her scholarly brilliance always gave me insights about my work, and her unflagging encouragement propelled me beyond the dissertation phase. She and Jacques Lezra also showed me that it was possible to combine academic and family life. I owe many thanks to my rigorous, always supportive teachers at Wisconsin: Heather Dubrow, Jacques Lezra, David Loewenstein , Eric Rothstein, Johann Sommerville, Jane Tylus, Andrew Weiner, and Neil Whitehead. I enjoyed the company of dear friends and learned a great deal from them, including Gretchen Bartlett, Alex Block, Thomas Crofts, Matt Hussey, Kristin Matthews, Elizabeth C. Miller, Jack Opel, Matthew Stratton, John Tiedemann, and Jesse Wolfe. Special thanks go to Henry Turner and Rebecca Walkowitz for their wise counsel and their friendship through the years. As an undergraduate, I was lucky to have Donald W. Foster and Miranda Johnson-Haddad as mentors. I have benefited from colleagues and friends at Clemson University whose smart suggestions about the manuscript kept me moving forward : Susanna Ashton, Stephanie Barczewski, Cameron Bushnell, David Coombs, Joanna Grisinger, Joe Mai, Kim Manganelli, Angela Naimou, Aga Skrodska-Bates, and Rhondda Thomas. Brian McGrath asked questions that only he could and that made the book better. Thanks to Catherine Paul, Jonathan Beecher Field, Will Stockton, and my other colleagues who make the English department at Clemson such a good professional home. For their support of flexible work and leave policies, I want to thank the chairs of the English department during my time at Clemson: Mark Charney, Chip Egan, Lee Morrissey, and Barton Palmer. The faculty senate passed a provision allowing new parents to stop their tenure clocks, and I am grateful for its progressive action. I received course release grants and research grants from Clemson University and the College of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities to travel to collections at the Bodleian Library, the Pepys Library, and the British Library. The vii English department’s Idol South Award allowed me to do research at the Folger Shakespeare Library. I owe thanks to people whose work has been important to me and who have shown an interest in my work, often expressed with great kindness and enthusiasm. They include Simon Barker, Christy Desmet, Arthur Kinney, Natasha Korda, Mary Ellen Lamb, Courtney Lehmann, Joan Pong Linton, Jeff Masten, Sharon O’Dair, David Schalkwyk, Jyotsna Singh, and Wendy Wall. Many thanks to Michelle Dowd and Stephen Guy-Bray, the readers for Northwestern University Press, whose suggestions helped me tighten and focus the book considerably. Henry Carrigan has been a more patient and sympathetic editor than I could have hoped for. Thanks to Heather Antti at Northwestern University Press for her expert supervision of the editing process and to James Funk for his editorial assistance with the bibliography. Any errors are of course my own. Portions of chapter 1 appeared in English Literary History and Critical Survey. Portions of chapter 3 appeared in English Literary Renaissance, and portions of chapter 4 appeared in Working Subjects in Early Modern Drama, edited by Michelle Dowd and Natasha Korda, published by Ashgate Press. I thank the publishers for permission to reprint this material. Every day I am thankful for the people who have helped care for my children and have given me the extensive time that writing a book requires. The Clemson Child Development Center has been essential to our family over the past five years. I thank our babysitters, who hold down the fort in good times and bad and who have enriched our lives immeasurably: Whitney Ford, Samantha Hoehner, Jessica Vierela Roberts , Rachel Sparks, and Bekah Austin. My sincere love and thanks go to family and friends, including the LeMahieus, who put up with our eccentric schedules and are always glad to see us. I depend on long-lasting and long-distance friendships, especially that of Sarah Hopkins. My sister , Madeline, is an unfailing source of love and strength. My mother travels to our home every two months to cook, shop, and otherwise dote on us. Although my father isn’t here to read this book, his great influence endures, as does his faith in me. My...


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