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523 Main Actors [Unless otherwise noted, positions listed for each person are those held during the 1980–1981 period.] Allen, Richard V.: National security advisor to President Ronald Reagan from 1981– 1982. Andropov, Yurii Vladimirovich: chairman of KGB; member of CPSU Politburo; member of Politburo Commission on Poland. Aristov, Boris Ivanovich: Soviet ambassador to Poland. Arkhipov, Ivan Vasil’evich: member of CPSU CC; first deputy prime minister; member of CPSU CC Politburo’s Commission on Poland. Baibakov, Nikolai Konstantinovich: member of CPSU CC; deputy prime minister; chairman of Gosplan. Barcikowski, Kazimierz: Member of PUWP CC; deputy Politburo member until September 1980, then full member; from October 1980, secretary of PUWP CC. Bartoszcze, Roman: member of the United Peasant’s Party until December 1981; activist in Rural Solidarity; participant in the Bydgoszcz strike in March 1981; interned during martial law. Beksiak, Janusz: economic adviser to Gierek until 1979; from September 1980, member and adviser to Solidarity; in 1981, member of the Programmatic-Consultative Center for Social-Occupational Works attached to the National Commission of Solidarity. Berlinguer, Enrico: national secretary of the Italian Communist Party. Borusewicz, Bogdan: member of KOR; among the leadership of the August 1980 strike at Lenin Shipyard in Gdańsk; subsequently on the Inter-Factory Founding Committee of Solidarity in the Gdańsk Region; during martial law, member of underground Solidarity leadership. Brezhnev, Leonid Ilyich: general secretary of the CPSU from October 1964–November 1982. Brown, Harold: U.S. secretary of defense until January 1981. Brzezinski, Zbigniew: national security advisor to President Carter from 1977–1981. Bugaj, Ryszard: leading member of Mazowsze branch of Solidarity; interned on December 13, 1981. Bujak, Zbigniew: organizer of the strike in Solidarity with the Lenin Shipyard at the “Ursus ” factory in August 1980; from September 1980, chairman of Mazowsze branch of Solidarity; member of the Presidium of National Coordinating Commission; went underground on December 13, 1981 to act as the head of the Regional Executive Commission in the Mazowsze Region; arrested in May 1986. Carter, Jimmy: president of the United States from 1977–1981. Ceauşescu, Nicolae: president of Romania from 1974–1989; general (then first) secretary of the Romanian Communist Party from 1965–1989. Celiński, Andrzej: member of KOR; secretary of the Presidium of Inter-Factory Strike Committee in Gdańsk; subsequently secretary of the Presidium of National Conciliation Committee for Solidarity; interned in the martial law period. Chernenko, Konstantin Ustinovich: member of CPSU Politburo; CPSU CC Secretary; chief, General Department, CC CPSU; member of Politburo Commission on Poland. Christopher, Warren W.: deputy secretary of state until January 1981. 524 Ciosek, Stanisław: member of PUWP CC from February 1980 to July 1981; regional PUWP first secretary from 1975–1980; minister-member of the Council of Ministers in charge of contacts with trade unions from 1980–1985. Cypryniak, Kazimierz: first secretary of Szczecin Voivodeship Committee from May 1980 to May 1981; from April–July 1981, member of PUWP CC; head of the Political -Organizational Department of PUWP CC from 1981. Czyrek, Józef: minister of foreign affairs from August 1980–July 1982; from February 1980, member of PUWP CC; from July 1981, secretary PUWP CC; from July 1981, member of PUWP Politburo. Dąbrowski, Archbishop Bronisław: general secretary of the Episcopate of Poland; chairman of the Legal Commission of the Episcopate; delegate of the Conference of the Episcopate of Poland for relations with the government of the Polish People’s Republic . Demichev, Pyotr Nilovich: Soviet minister of culture; candidate member of CPSU Politburo . Dobrynin, Anatoly: Soviet ambassador to the United States. Dolgikh, Vladimir Ivanovich: secretary of CPSU CC; chief, CPSU CC Department of Heavy Industry. Eagleburger, Lawrence S.: U.S. ambassador to Yugoslavia until January 1981; assistant secretary of state for European and Canadian affairs from May 1981–February 1982. Fiszbach, Tadeusz: first secretary of PUWP Voivodeship Committee in Gdańsk; signatory of the Gdańsk Agreement; from December 1980–July 1981, member of PUWP Politburo . Frasyniuk, Władysław: co-organizer of the strike in Wrocław in August 1980; member of Inter-Factory Founding Committee of the Lower Silesia Region; from February 1981, Solidarity chairman of the Lower Silesia Region, member of the National Coordinating Commission and National Commission Presidium; from December 13, 1981, underground chairman of the Regional Strike Committee of the Lower Silesia Region. Geremek, Bronisław: adviser to the Inter-Factory Strike Committee at the Lenin Shipyard , August 1980; adviser to National Coordinating Commission; chairman of the Programmatic-Consultative Council of Solidarity’s National...


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