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482 Document No. 91: Protocol No. 16 of PUWP CC Secretariat Meeting December 19, 1981 While the Politburo meeting on December 13 (Document No. 85) confined itself to reviewing initial reports and taking clean-up action following the implementation of martial law, this session of the Secretariat, held almost a week later, shows Poland’s rulers taking stock of the state of the country and plotting their next steps. The task was enormous, as these notes make clear, ranging from resuscitating the economy to re-engaging society, including dispirited party members. Of course, one of the most intractable problems, for which no answer was ever devised, was how to absorb Solidarity and its membership permanently into the communist framework. Agenda 1. The current social-political situation in the country. 2. Various matters. While waiting for the arrival of First Secretary of the PUWP CC, Cde. W. Jaruzelski , the Secretariat of the PUWP CC considered various matters. M. Woźniak: Since Monday, the consumption of electrical energy has decreased by eight percent, the production of electrical energy is also lower. The output of coal-mines has dropped to 470,000 tons (610,000 tons used to be excavated under normal conditions). On Thursday, the output of the coal-mines was 520,000 tons, on Friday 550,000 tons. The turbulence of the state of emergency could have an impact on the output level. Today, on a free Saturday, 3,000 more miners came to work than the day before. Supplies are improving. The purchase of milk is proceeding more smoothly. Things are worse with deliveries to large agglomerations in Łódź. Reserves of coal power plants are larger (60 days, in some for the whole season; only Kozienice has reserves for 6 days). As far as meat is concerned, we will not have sufficient quantities for the November rationing vouchers; rationed candies and sweets will be fully available, we will give sweets to organize Christmas parties. In January, the meat [situation] will depend on one’s own purchase. The decision regarding compulsory supplies will have to be taken at the end of January and beginning of February. There are problems with trans-shipments and downloading in ports, e.g. Małaszewicze from the USSR, 30,000 tons of beef, 25,000 tons of rice, half a million pairs of shoes. There are also deliveries of meat through the wide rails. The GDR has swamped us with assistance on a voivodeship -by-voivodeship basis: gifts [packages] for children, butter, fats, they have de- 483 clared 12,000 tons of food products for Christmas. Apparently, the people of the GDR are organizing collections of money for Poland. Cde. J. Czyrek: Collections have been called for by the “Solidarity” Organization . They will give us goods purchased with the collected money. Cde. M. Woźniak: The SED CC sends aid to our members of the CC. The biggest problem is acquiring wheat and fodder outside the framework of the USA’s embargo. We are seeking corn from Hungary and Yugoslavia. Cde. S. Gabrielski: Stated that union membership fees will not be subtracted from the pay list; that the property of the trade unions has been taken over by the state, which was received with understanding by the unions; that health spas are being taken over by the Health Ministry, and vacation homes are being placed under the control of resorts; that there is a directive to employ people working in the trade unions. Solidarity members should be approached in a diversified manner. Social functions of institutes should be revived to the maximum. Cde. J. Czyrek: Presented Polish issues in the international arena. The situation has developed in a disadvantageous way for us. The USA has launched an offensive under the name of the Polish experiment in ideology with calls for the release of Wałęsa; the ambassador wants to visit Wałęsa. Economic sanctions were announced; the Americans have suspended all economic relations, including 100 million in loans for corn. The USA is pressuring other governments including the USSR. They proclaim that what we did was in fact done by the Soviet Union. The American assessment that Solidarity proved to be weaker has been the basis for those activities. They want to sustain that organization. There are already repercussions . Costa Rica has been mobilized by the Americans at the U.N. The issue of states with a leftist leaning, like France, is more serious. The French government carries out a party and not a state policy...


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