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459 Document No. 83: Telegram to Directors of Voivode Police circa December 12, 1981 With this document, provincial, or voivode, police authorities learned that preparations for martial law were underway. Among their instructions was to initiate operation “Ring III” which was purportedly aimed at rounding up criminals but in fact targeted Solidarity leaders for internment. Comrade Commander! 1.  The appropriate decisions have been made. Announcement will be made on December 13, 1981, at 6:00 o’clock [a.m.] on the first station on the radio. 2.  I am ordering the commencement of preparations and execution of operation “Azalea” on December 12, 1981, at 23:30, and at 00:30, that is one hour later, operation “Fir” followed by “Maple.” 3.  Where conditions allow, take over regional headquarters, seize documents and disable printing equipment through operation “Fir”—without destroying things. 4.  Execute operations related to radio-television buildings according to the plan, at 24:00 on December 12, 1981. 5.  I am providing a reminder about maintaining absolute secrecy. Move the execution of operation “Ring III” to 19:00, using it as camouflage and preparation for the execution of the actions indicated. 6.  At 4:00 in the morning on December 13, 1981, notify the first secretary of the [provincial] CC, the voivode, the chief of the Voivodeship Military Staff, the plenipotentiary-commissar of the KOK to listen to the premier’s speech at 6:00 on the first radio station. [Source: Jan Draus and Zbigniew Nawrocki, red., Przeciw “Solidarności”. 1980–1989, Opozycja w Tajnych Archiwach MSW (Rzeszów: Zarząd Regionu NSZZ ”Solidarność”, 2000), pp. 133–134.] ...


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