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387 Document No. 70: Czesław Kiszczak’s Notes for October 5 Politburo Meeting October 4, 1981 These notes describe the state of the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ preparations for implementing martial law. Minister Czesław Kiszczak needed this information for a presentation to the Politburo on October 5. The notes show very clearly the extent of the measures prepared by all branches of the Ministry, including lists of writers and artists who could be enlisted for support after the introduction of martial law and the operation to take over Solidarity. Kiszczak may have thought that the political decision would have been made at the upcoming Politburo meeting, but it was postponed for another two months. An interesting aspect of this item is that it is a working document, not a formal memorandum, a rather rare archival find, especially after so many years. […] Assignments: 1) Lists of persons from the academic and cultural worlds, mainly non-party, with clean political slates, leaning in favor of the people’s authority—even if not fully identifying with it or having critical opinions towards it—with considerable authority in society, who can provide hope that if needed they will be ready to step forward publicly for the benefit of social common sense. They will also be able to join different official bodies and organs, which are projected to be created. For all persons indicated above, a few characteristic words, and this formulated in the lists. Underline names especially worthy of attention. List or link names susceptible to central groups or provincial groups. At the beginning of the list (as per the first and second versions) provide a summary of how many persons are at play. This assignment [to be] fulfilled by the Third Dept., personally to Col. Walczyński, to whom all other comrades are sending the data in their possession. The Minister is eager that this assignment be executed for tomorrow (Oct. 5), but the current directors assert that this will be very difficult. If this is not possible , then present summary data on Oct. 5, and indicate a date certain when the complete data will be available. 2) Lists of journalists on whom the party and Government leadership can rely completely. Underline the names of those who are ready to go for everything [pojść na wszysko] and take up all subjects recommended to them. Moreover, indicate the journalists who will be ready to take action against the current APJ 388 [Association of Polish Journalists] authorities. In this area, have it in mind to “dispatch” some of the APJ’s “wild ones”1 with different missions and delegations to dollar zones, so that by their absence from the country greater freedom for maneuver can be attained, and attempts can be made to create splits. Provide numerical data concerning supervisory and local ranks on October 5; [or provide] the summary data if need be on that day, and the complete data when available. 3) A list of honest and trustworthy priests, who could be utilized for positive actions. The aim would be to show society and the Church authorities that not all priests think alike and that there are different opinions in the Church. Call attention to priests who would be ready to join different social bodies that support the authorities. Underscore the names of priests who can be counted on absolutely. This assignment will be carried out by the Fourth Dept. 4) A list of honest writers and artists prepared according to the outline for the list of journalists. The aim is to secure influence over the creative community. This assignment is being carried out by the Third Dept., also on October 5, even if in a preliminary way. 5) List honest film makers who could counter the Wajda2 clique and his cabal. Also carried out by the Third Dept. 6) A list of members of PAS who are complying with the above ideas and outlines. Fulfilled by the Third Dept. 7) Look over and harness, in relevant lists, members of the senates of individual schools. There should be two lists: one positive, and a second list of “wild ones” who need to be disposed of. 8) Assessments and lists of individual editorial boards for periodicals, and also radio and television editorial boards. Report which editorial boards need to be restrained or liquidated at present or at an appropriate moment, under this or that pretext. Carried out by the Second Dept., supervised by Gen. [Władysław] Pożoga. 9) An assessment...


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