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375 Document No. 69: PUWP CC, “Instructions on the More Important Activities of the Party, Organs of Power and State Administration” September 18, 1981 This lengthy set of instructions sent initially to the PUWP CC Secretariat, but affecting both party and government, comprises a comprehensive offensive by the party aimed at stunting the activities of Solidarity and other opposition elements and promoting the country’s current leaders as the true champions of the Polish people. The directives cover all aspects of public life. On the political front, the party and government are to remove Solidarity members to the extent possible, particularly from key posts. In the economy, sanctions are to be imposed on anyone trying to impede economic performance, while the authorities take steps to improve deliveries of essential goods and reorganize the rationing system. The instructions envision a major propaganda move designed to blame the opposition for everything from economic hardship to social chaos while selling the government’s image as the primary source of progressive reforms and societal advancement. In many of these ideas the hand of the Kremlin is evident. As other documents show, Moscow regularly harangued Kania and Jaruzelski to take an aggressive, all-encompassing approach to the crisis that targeted all levels of society. It is now clear that by this time the approach also incorporated a variety of preparations for the ultimate imposition of martial law. Instructions on the more important activities of the party, organs of power and state administration. The current political and socio-economic situation of the country, and the course and assessment of results of the first part of the NSZZ Solidarity National Congress session require the party, the Sejm, the PPR government, and the organs of local authorities to undertake decisive political, organizational, and legal-administrative actions aimed at defending socialism—in the name of securing the interests of the working class and the socialist state—in accordance with the policy resolution of the Extraordinary Ninth Congress of the PUWP. I. Within the sphere of party activity. 1. Inform the aktiv and all members of the party about the socio-political situation caused by the proceedings and resolutions of the first part of the NSZZ Solidarity Congress and determine assignments for party organizations and levels. Meetings and consultations of the PPO’s devoted to this matter should conclude by taking a position in the form of a resolution or decision. Responsibility: VC Executives Time-frame: by September 30, 1981 376 2. Conduct talks with party authorities of all levels who are members of the NSZZ Solidarity and party member-delegates to the First Congress of Solidarity who hold executive positions in the union. The aim of these talks should be self– determination of the aforementioned comrades and the introduction of a trend to leave the NSZZ Solidarity. Apply statutory sanctions against party members who give political support to the decisions of the NSZZ Solidarity First Congress. Responsibility: CPC and VPCC, VC Executives Time-frame: by September 30, 1981 3. Order the employees of Voivodeship, Municipal, District, City-County, and County Committees to leave Solidarity should such incidents take place. Responsibility: VC Executives Time-frame: by September 25, 1981 4. Conduct talks with the leadership cadre covered by the nomenklatura. As a result of these talks, an increase in discipline among the leadership cadre should be achieved in relation to the execution of tasks resulting from the party’s policy and the government’s directives. Self-determination in the current situation, especially in the context of problems of the political struggle taking place inside institutes or institutions. Responsibility: CC Departments, VC Executives and remaining organs Time-frame: by October 31, 1981 5. Determine the list of positions within the ministries, offices of the central state administration, the judiciary and prosecutor’s office which cannot be held by persons who accept or support the political line of the NSZZ Solidarity First Congress. Depending on the situation, conduct disciplinary talks or make specific personnel decisions. Responsibility: the PPR government, Prosecutor General, voivodes and presidents Time-frame: by October 15, 1981 6. Establish aktiv groups for the voivodeship committees, first degree party organs and Institute Committees in order to: a) conduct political struggle; edit leaflets, communiqués, news bulletins, posters , the work of the radio systems; take part in meetings and assemblies; b) actively and decisively fend off the symptoms of hostile propaganda in the cities, neighborhoods and work institutes. In accordance with propositions accepted during consultation, the voivodeship staffs of the VDC...


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