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171 Document No. 26: Protocol of Meeting of Leading Aktiv Members of Ministry of Internal Affairs January 5, 1981 This protocol excerpt reproduces comments Kania made to a meeting of the leading aktiv of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It provides a good summary of the latest wave of preparations for a crackdown that got underway after the December 5, 1980, Warsaw Pact meeting in Moscow. After winning a temporary reprieve from outside intervention at that session, Kania uses this gathering to transmit political instructions to SB agents in various areas. He minces no words about the seriousness of the “threat” facing the country, although he indicates that violent crackdowns are not the answer—because of both the domestic and international repercussions . The most important lesson from his standpoint is to be well prepared, which by his definition includes mounting a major propaganda operation in advance, among other measures, and leaving nothing to chance. […] Comrade S. Kania stated that the speeches at the conference were concentrated around the matter of how to act effectively, and in what manner to win over the allies for the struggle. This is very essential because the people’s authority has not been in such a difficult situation for many years and it has not conducted such a struggle. In this situation, difficult tasks stand before the Ministry of Internal Affairs since it is the major party and people’s authority expert in the political struggle. The problems that stand before the party and the people’s authority are very complex; from an appraisal of the situation, however, a fundamental consequence emerges, that an onslaught does not resolve anything. Serious threats exist in the country, a very sharp class struggle on a wide front is rolling along, there is talk about counter-revolutionary activities. These matters are treated in a document discussed at the conference. Both in the document and in the discussions KOR is exposed as the steering force against socialism. However, examining the current situation and the existing crisis it is necessary to consider that we have in fact a number of crises in the country: impaired social trust, a blooming of enemy activities, an extraordinarily difficult situation in the domestic market, a very difficult situation in production, and difficulties with foreign trade (exports do not cover imports). In order to exist it is necessary to borrow, this and next year, 10 billion dollars; however, that will cause a further drop in the national income. That is also why, in our internal actions, we must take into account the kind of repercussions they may engender in the West. Of course, this is not about apprehensions in the face of repercussions in the mass media. In the situation in which 172 our country finds itself, particular significance is gathered with Poland acquiring credits in the USSR in the amount of 2 billion złoty. To this, supplies of petroleum from the USSR have arrived valued at 450,000 dollars—secured at the cost of other socialist countries. However, our country needs 10 billion dollars. Both in our society and in the working class a feeling has arisen that it is still possible to put forward additional economic demands, that further means exist which can be divided among society. All the crises mentioned above make our situation uncommonly complicated, and the adversary sees this. Our doctrinal foundation comes down to this, that we must resolve the existing situation; it may not be quickly, but surely this itself is necessary and possible . The speaker expressed that this is the position of the Politburo and he presented such a position during the last talks in Moscow. Objectives to clear up the difficult situation must be carried out on a wide front, and the role of the MSW in them is very essential. The party authorities highly appraise the “political form” of the MSW. The ministry’s apparatus must, however, be conscious of the threat, and in educational work it is necessary to recall history more often. In the present situation educational work with functionaries is taking on a constantly greater meaning. The situation is constantly more complicated and certain phenomena cannot be related to 1949.1 The complicated phenomenon in our time is NSZZ Solidarity. There is a serious workers’ current in it, with the participation of many thousands of working people, with the participation of many party members. This last fact can have a positive influence on the further activities of Solidarity. However, it is necessary...


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